Welcome to Our Home:

So, this downsizing thing hasn’t been too bad.  I’ve found our new rental house adequate and as long as we always put things back where they belong and don’t allow too much more clutter to creep in again, I can do this comfortably for a year or two….

This is what things are looking like around here:


The front entry … and if you’re not careful, you run right into our full-sized electric piano!  But you don’t know how excited I am that I was able to fit in the piano in the house!!  Not that anyone is taking lessons right now, BUT if anyone feels like sitting down and plunking out a few tunes, it is possible.   Daniel’s mom also plays (very well!!) so if she ever comes over, she can entertain us, too … granted, much quieter than normal, since we do have close neighbors now!


We definitely don’t have the most ideal computer “desk” (actually a short bookcase) situation … but it is what it is for the desktop to be able to access the cable connection in the wall for internet.  Our real desk is in the garage, and I am able to use it for storage for some paperwork and office supplies.


See, we just pull this chair over – and it works for both the computer area and the piano!


The rest of the living room looks like the above … I don’t even miss the seating that the now-stored-away loveseat afforded us … of course, we haven’t had anyone over yet either … but I’m thinking dining room chairs will accommodate the need for extra seating just fine.


I kind of like the view from my kitchen “window” over the sink into the living room … AND now I can watch TV while I do the dishes!  Smile

This second door leads to the garage, by the way … in which my car is parked, which is my greatest accomplishment so far (pics of the garage “tetris”like-storage coming another day).


The cat seems to have adjusted to our new situation just fine … as have our kids.

Annie-Belle had a sleep over at a young lady’s house (who helps with youth group) last night.  Drew is hooked up with the (former) Boy Scouts group and is planning to go on a canoe/camping trip with them next weekend.   School starts on Thursday (Aug 15), so things will definitely pick up speed then.  We had our orientation/open house last Friday night … and we even found that a former student, one grade below Annie-Belle, from our school in Missouri is attending this school as her mom recently moved to Northwest Arkansas as well!!  It’s a small world after all …

More from the rest of my house another day … when it is cleaned up!!  Winking smile

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  4. Tanya says:

    It looks like you have made great use of your space. I am glad you can see positives in this move. ;o) I think you will enjoy the literal closeness of having your kids right there. We have actually enjoyed that part of our adventure.

  5. sarasamomx5 says:

    Looks good. How neat about the girl from your old school!

  6. Michelle says:

    Looks like you are settling in well! If we ever have to downsize, I sure hope I can fit my piano in somewhere too!
    No more homeschooling?

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