Our Home, Part 2

Recently I offered a glimpse into our new, down-sized house … starting at the front entrance.  It isn’t so bad!!  Smile 

Today, I’m opening up our dining/kitchen area.  This is one place we kind of feel the crunch as it isn’t as comfortable to get the 5 of us around the table … I don’t really miss having our china hutch, although I miss the glimpses of my Oma’s coffee service and my crystal items.  We switched up the “art work” as well.  In the past, I had floral prints in the dining room, but right now, we’re going a little more of a “patriotic route”. 

The pictures are of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, both with quotes from their prayers.  These hung in my husband’s former office and are too nice to not display somehow.  Someday he WILL have an office of his own again … and I’ll go back to having floral prints in the dining room. 


Since we don’t have much storage or a pantry, I have turned my baker’s rack into kind of a beverage station/storage for cookbooks and small appliances.  I have hopes to paint this brushed nickel one day … for now, it remains 1990s green!


We do have a nice, shiny new fridge!   After having a side-by-side doored fridge for 8 years, I actually like going back to the traditional “freezer on top” model.  The only thing better might have been a fridge with the freezer drawer … but this one was a close-out model and on a super sale.  And at this point, saving money is more important than convenience and preferences. 


The rental unit came with the stove and microwave, at least (and dishwasher).  While this is the typical, u-shaped small rental kitchen, I actually like the maple cabinets and the tile countertops are adequate.  The only thing about a tile floor and countertops is that when you drop something glass or breakable, there is no mercy!!!! 


I also like my “window” over the sink.  I like being able to see what is going on in the living room … even while they can’t really see the MESS I’m making in the kitchen!  Smile 


My kitchen trash can in this picture reminds me of something I am trying to get used to here:  recycling!!  I think recycling – in moderation – is a great thing, and we’ve seen a drastic drop in the amount of trash our family produces just by sorting out cardboard, glass, paper, and plastics. The city sanitation system makes recyling easy here with curbside pick up weekly.  I remember when we lived in Germany, we had to recycle stuff in a bunch of different containers:  one each for paper, plastic, mixed plastic (like cereal box inserts), glass (sorted BY COLOR:  clear, brown, and green), AND compost/”bio trash” (egg shells, peelings, coffee grounds).  Some were picked up; some had to be hauled off.

So, this is the front of the house … perhaps a tour of the regions beyond will come in the future!  Smile 

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  3. Thanks for the tour; I love cozy! What a great idea about painting it a brushed nickel. I would have never thought of that.

  4. Tanya says:

    BTW, I got a strange email claiming to be from this blog. Know anything about that?

  5. Tanya says:

    LOL! I have a couple of 1990’s green things to repaint as well. I already bought some spray paint. ;o) When we lived in our last house (the fancy spec house), I found out about the unmerciful tile floors and granite counter tops. I even broke Corelle dishes that are supposed to be break-resistant. Yikes! We are not having granite in our new kitchen (too much $$ and unforgiving), but we are having tile.

  6. babstig says:

    I miss recycling!!

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