Today marks one week back at school.  And … so far, so good!  As we settle in, we are continually liking what we see, hear, and experience.  I realize there is no perfect school (just as we are NOT the perfect family!!), but I am seeing a lot of good coming from being here.  I guess God knew what He was doing when He sent us to NW Arkansas.  There are some things I will admit are a little different than we are used to (mostly in a good way!), and there are a few things that seem a little daunting.  One of those is Andrew’s science fair project that will be put into a competition in February.  His Biology teacher (who has a PhD … and a little crazy-over-the-top about Science!) is very big on this competition – and he has seen much success with his students to the point of cash prizes, potential for scholarships, and attending some national competition sponsored by some big name corporation … MORE LATER as we figure this thing out!!  The ideas are flowing!

I have completed my first 2 days of “volunteering” in the lunch room (which I do for tuition compensation – and am very thankful for!!) has been pretty fun too.  The atmosphere is very laid back … until the health department threatens an inspection, I guess!!  And so far, this week, with only 7th-12th grade at the school yet, we only had to prepare and serve sandwiches.  Next week, the school will be in full swing with its 230 students (K3, K4, and K5 only go 3 mornings a week) with a hot lunch program.  My kids are pretty excited about that as they sure do like to eat.  Winking smile

Today is the first day that MiMi and I have truly been HOME most of the day!!  And I am making the best of it…. We are just relaxing and making things pleasant around here to include boiling the peels from the oranges we had for lunch with cloves and cinnamon which is really making me think maybe fall is around the corner?!  (I am actually more hoping it will take the last of the “wet dog” smell out of the air that the carpet shampooing before we moved in left behind!  We’ve also sprinkled the carpet with baking soda, and let that sit for a long time before vacuuming – that really helped!)


I don’t think MiMi is complaining one bit about being “stuck at home” … in the end, we all are somewhat of home-bodies!!


What cracks me up is that every day for a week now, MiMi has been talking extensively about our visit to the zoo last Wednesday.  She is telling EVERYONE she encounters about it … and she studies the zoo map we brought home in detail over and over.  That place made such an impression on her.


We really need to get back to a zoo!!  Last week we went to the zoo in Springfield, Missouri (our old familiar haunt from our previous home about 80 miles past there) … but I hear the Tulsa Zoo is pretty well known – and is only about 2 hours or less drive from here!   Hmm, I’m thinking FAMILY ROAD TRIP this fall.


I just wanted to record some of my recent impressions and thoughts about our transition for our family (we’ve lived in NW Arkansas for almost 1 months already!!) … and share the most hopeful answer to prayer for us as well:   a couple is applying to rent our house in Missouri, hoping to move in on September 1.  While we would have preferred to sell it, we really need to consider renting to cover the expense of the mortgage!  I never considered having a rental property – and it is not really something that appeals to us at all – but at this point, I guess that is what God is leading us into for a while.

Right now, while we are still recovering from all the aspects of the last 2 years that have led us to this point and it will take a long time yet to make things up financially, I will say I am finally feeling a little more peace in my life and about things in general.  I have learned so much the last few years, had a lot of issues to deal with, and found God ever faithful in everything.  His ways are perfect even when situations are hard, and circumstances seem unfair.  Right now He is allowing our family a little respite – and while it isn’t exactly everything we want, especially as my husband has to continue to work 50+ hours per week – we just are thankful.  Thankful to be together, thankful for a new start in a new environment, and thankful for God’s will unfolding in His perfect timing.  The journey has been bumpy sometimes … but right now – as I think of Psalm 23 in particular – we feel like we have finally been led by some still waters and are enjoying green pastures for a season.

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  1. Sweet update! Science projects are daunting for me too!

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