Happy Homemaker–8/26/2013

It is that time again (the weeks are FLYING by so fast for me!!):


Joining Sandra & Friends today.


It has gotten HOT again …  the mornings start out around 66 degrees and the high temp of the day is 92 degrees.


eating leftover pizza … watching MiMi do “school” … She is all about worksheets and writing right now.  Smile  Good thing she will be going to a K3 class for 3 mornings a week starting tomorrow (!!). 


how much I love being able to just “run to Sam’s Club” (or Aldi or Target or the Neighborhood Walmart or Walgreens, even the library or a really nice park with playgroundS) because everything is basically around the corner or a few miles down the road instead of 25 to 80 miles away!!  While I didn’t mind life “in the middle of no-where, Missouri” for the 11+ years we lived there, we sure had to plan for our shopping trips to anywhere except the Super Walmart in our town.  I guess I am a (small) city girl after all!! 


Finishing Cross Roads by Wm Young … I am not liking it as much as I loved THE SHACK.   The premise is kind of the same (Jesus and the Holy Spirit and others appear to a man in crisis and teach them about God, showing him how he has been thinking wrongly about God all these years …), but it isn’t as well written or as poignant, has a lot of long dialogue with vague references to things I get too bored even think too deeply about the meaning.  I will finish the book and hope I find a message in it after all. 


Since we don’t have Disney Jr channel here (and some parents might say that is a GOOD THING), I got MiMi a Mickey Mouse Club House DVD at Sam’s Club today (she LOVED that show!!) … she’s getting her fill of episodes right now (and I am so tired of Curious George episodes that we’ve been watching the last 4 weeks so I’m kind of thankful to hear new dialogue too!!). 


tonight, just meatloaf and mashed taters … and something green (veggie or salad).  Smile 


Got my bathrooms cleaned today.  I need to draft a letter to the IRS for my previous church (yeah, fun!!  NOT.)  I guess there is some laundry to catch up on from the weekend … but I think I’ll avoid that until later.  Therefore, my to-do list is gloriously short compared to what it is has been every day for the last 6 months!! 


I was reading a magazine article about cleaning bathrooms recently (maybe in REAL SIMPLE??), and they mentioned disinfecting your toilet brush, which is something I know I neglect.  Sad smile   They suggested just pouring some bleach water into the holder and letting your brush soak in that between toilet cleanings. 


Legos, Legos every where.  Otherwise, we’re pretty cleaned up!


We spent the weekend with grandparents … MiMi and her grandma came out dressed for church and found their dresses matched in color!  



Still praying for the sale/rental of our house in Missouri … before the September mortgage payment is due.  There was a couple who applied to rent it, but their credit report was “if-y” so our realtor said she couldn’t rent to them unless they had a co-signer.  Another person looked at it as well, but we haven’t heard from them so that probably means – yet again – they weren’t interested.   I don’t want to be discouraged or lose faith … but I am dreading writing another mortgage check for an empty house.  Sad smile 

A lot of my friends’ children are starting back to school, home-school, or college (some with each!) … and I’m praying for them (us) all to have a great school year.  I know my kids are really happy to be back in school … it is a little bittersweet for me:  I feel much more confident about their education, but I miss them being around during the day (except for when I quite honestly don’t! ha ha!).   


“Every day that passes before you make a change, is a day that will never return!” You only have a few brief years w/your kids. Everything else in life can wait till after they leave the house, but nothing will slow their growth. You will never be able to recapture the moments you lost to lesser causes. – Cary Schmidt

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  1. Tanya says:

    Wow! Powerful quote. I am living that right now — knowing this is the last year with one of these guys. :’o(

  2. melanie says:

    Where did you get the Cary Schmidt quote?? I’m guessing it’s the same person who wrote a few books we have –really good books! 🙂

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