School Daze!



Oh, how many times I have eaten my words as a parent!!  I mean, who hasn’t … but I had 6 years of marriage before I had a baby of my own to observe (and judge!!) how everyone else seemed to be raising their kids and making  my mental list of all the things “I’d NEVER do …”.  May I just say, that was a HUGE LESSON in humility as I did so many of the things I swore I’d never do …

Even more recently, I have preached to myself and others that “I’d NEVER again send a child to a K4 class” if I were a stay-at-home mom like I did with Drew and Annie-Belle (granted, when A-B went, I went to school with her and started my short-lived career as a school/church secretary) … And really, at the time, I meant it with all my heart.  These were just BABIES, and I sent them off to a full-day, 5 day a week school program – both at the age of 3 as they didn’t turn 4 until September and November respectively.  After a year of learning about home-schooling and then actually home-schooling myself, I was DETERMINED I could teach my own child (in this case, MiMi) how to read and write and behave … which IS something we worked on, believe me!!!  However, once we moved here, EVERYONE (seemingly) raved about Ms. Gerri’s K3 class at our Christian school.  Apparently, even home-schooling moms would send their children to school 3 mornings a week just to experience Ms. Gerri.

Well, after talking with my husband, we too decided to get on the Ms. Gerri Bandwagon … and boy, are we glad we did!!  MiMi started on Tuesday (Aug 27) and will go to “school” 3 mornings a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) from 8:15 to 11:45 a.m.  It works out pretty well as I will be working 2 of those mornings in the school’s lunch room for tuition compensation. 



As for MiMi, I think this is going to be a WONDERFUL experience.  This is the marvelous Ms. Gerri’s 31st year of teaching K3, and she just has such a heart for teaching this age group.  The class seems to be more like a long Sunday School time – to include Bible stories and singing, playing and crafts as well as beginning to learn numbers and letters. 



My big kids continue to LOVE school and their teachers and their class mates as they begin to sort out who all they click with and what is expected of them by the faculty.  While I realize I don’t have to justify my education choices to anyone, nor will anyone (that I know and love) judge me nor I them, I am thankful to have re-discovered that Christian school is the best fit for our family.   Most of all I want my kids to learn more and more about Jesus and God’s presence in this world, to marvel at His creation, to fully use their God-given talents … and to always remember what Ms. Gerri’s bulletin board says right now: 


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  1. melanie says:

    LOL, Corie! 😀

  2. Tanya says:

    The pictures are great!!! Such beautiful blessings you have there! ;o)

    It is so easy to let what people think of us dictate what we do. I am glad that God reaffirmed to you that you are where He wants you. He doesn’t have the same path for all of us, does He?

  3. babstig says:

    I am soooooooo judging you.
    Bwahahahahahahahaha ha

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