“Down in the Arkansas”

A true Arkansas folksong, lyrics by Jimmie Driftwood (1965):

I had a cow that slobbered so bad
Down in Arkansas
I spent all the money I had
Down in Arkansas
I went to see ole Doctor Slick
I asked him what to do for it
He said, teach that cow to spit
Down in Arkansas


I had a girl and her name was Jill
Down in Arkansas
I loved that girl an’ I always will
Down in Arkansas
Her ruby lips an’ her hair so black
She was so cross-eyed, for a fact
She cried and the tears rolled down her back
Down in Arkansas

Down in the Ar-kan
Down in th Ar-kan
Down in th Ar-kan-sas
The only girl that I ever loved
Was down in Arkansas


And native Arkansinians (Arkanseans?  folks from Arkansas!) wonder why the rest of the nation thinks they are backwards…..

As for our family’s life “down in the Arkansas”, things are a bit more serious – and getting to be more of a routine.  We are feeling more settled as each day goes by.  We are so thankful that after all the anticipation and all the discussions and musings, they have made a few friends, really like the school they attend, and are getting involved in activities they really enjoy!

Our schedule now includes Scouts on Tuesday night for Drew.  This troop is sponsored by our church – and will be merging into the a newly chartered faith-based Boy Scout alternative, Trail Life USA in a few months!  Drew was voted in as the troop’s chaplain, which is a great privilege. 

Yesterday (Wednesday), AWANA began at our church for ages 3 through 6th grade.  MiMi will be a Cubbie, which is a group my mom led at my church when I was a teen, and I got to help her a lot.  I still remember the theme song – and will be curious to see what, if anything, has changed.  Daniel, Drew, and Annie-Belle will be helpers this school year.  Last night we had our opening carnival – it was neat to see the church bus pull in with lots of kids from the surrounding area, singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World” at the top of their lungs.  Many of the children are from the Hispanic community where a lot of Mexicans live, who work for the Tyson corporation.    

MiMi, a brand new Cubbie:


Annie-Belle, at the “nail salon” for the girls:


and Drew, helping with a ball toss game:


On Thursday afternoons, Annie-Belle is attending a theater class at a local performing arts studio.  The class is small, so they are working on monologues and 2 person skits for now.  No big productions … yet. 

Oh, and basketball practice (a joint Christian school and home-school team) is slated to begin next week for Drew as well. 

Life is pretty good … down in the Ar-kan-saw. 

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