a Quiet HHM: 9/16/2013

Today it is rainy and gray … I only took one kid (Drew) to school this morning and am letting the girls sleep.  Annie-Belle has a doctor appointment in a little while to test her for strep.  She’s dealt with a raw throat all weekend and aches and had a fever on Friday night.  She had strep in July, shortly before we moved; the symptoms are exactly the same this time.  MiMi is fine; she is just catching up on sleep, I suppose, and I don’t mind sitting here at my computer with my coffee in the complete silence.  I wish I could ease into every day this quietly …


Joining Sandra for another HHM:

The weather….

I already mentioned it is rainy … 70 degrees with thunderstorms in the forecast. 

Right now I am….
enjoying the quiet … taking care of some paperwork (after this post) … making appointments and contemplating the week ahead.


though we are again getting busy as activities are added to our schedule, I am at peace.  There isn’t “stuff” hanging over my head like there was for 2 years … I am not encumbered with tiptoe-ing around certain topics or people and with the responsibilities of my previous job, which I took very seriously, perhaps too seriously.  I’ve had several phone calls for help from the lady who took over even just this past week, and while I don’t mind helping her, I am glad it is not my problem anymore as such!!  I . am . free .   Smile 

On my reading pile….
I am reading an Agatha Christie book that I don’t think I’ve ever read before:  The Mirror Crack’d   

On my TV…..
nothing.  With baseball season and pro football being on all the at the same time, I have no weekend tv time to myself (not that I need it) … and during the days, we just watch a few cartoons for MiMi.

On the menu for this week….

I want meatloaf and mashed potatoes!! 

Probably chili and somewhere in there, I need to make a birthday dinner for my boy, who will be turning 15 on Wednesday!!

On my to do list….
with downsizing our house and having resigned my job, I really don’t feel like I have a long to-do list hanging over my head.

I just need to take care of the day-to-day stuff like cleaning bathrooms and laundry and meal planning.   Right now, I am just MOM … not work-at-home-mom … not really stay-at-home-mom (ha!) but mom. 

Looking forward to this week….
Drew’s birthday is Wednesday … We are busy on Wednesdays with youth group and AWANA/church in the evenings, and with Daniel working until 6:30 there is no way we can have a family dinner that night.  So, we will be making it up to Drew another night – in fact, maybe even on Saturday.  We have a wedding to go to, so we will be spending the night with grandparents on the way (Daniel’s mom’s birthday is Tuesday), so we’ll probably celebrate with them … but then, I want our little family of 5 to be able to do something just for us on Saturday after the wedding.  I will probably bring cupcakes to youth group on Wednesday though … and MAYBE let him open his presents ON his birthday. 

Looking around the house….
the laundry is piling up in the hallway, where the washer/dryer are in a closet-type “laundry area” … need to switch the clothes and work on folding. 

The window is open here behind me, and the cat is loving that!

Otherwise, there isn’t too much to do today, except get Annie-Belle to the doctor.

On my prayer list…..
our school administrator’s 23-year-old son has had brain cancer/tumors for 5 years now … and the pressure has increased on his brain lately.  He had a very bad weekend and was unable to get out of bed.  Last week, they were in Memphis at St Judes’ hospital to make an end-of-life plan.  I can’t imagine … I just can’t … but as the administrator’s wife told me, you just don’t get the grace to handle something like this until it happens.  This “kid” is amazing though – I’ve met him a few times now, as his mom usually runs the school lunch room, where I volunteer.  He told his mom he wants a “black people funeral” (please don’t take offense, he means this in the very sweetest way!!!) because those folks seem to have more joy then the weepy white people he has encountered at funerals thus far.  He knows he is dying … and he doesn’t want anyone to be sad about him going to heaven, and his funeral is to be a celebration. 

Bible verse, Devotional….

for all the times God has said NO or WAIT to me…. I am thankful.


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2 Responses to a Quiet HHM: 9/16/2013

  1. Tanya says:

    I am so happy to hear the “tone” I hear from you in this post. I can sense how you are experiencing the freedom the Lord has brought to your life for this season. There are so many other things I have enjoyed reading in this post — I can’t even comment on them all. Love you, my kindred-spirit Friend!!!

  2. melanie says:

    What a sweet funeral request really. An email from Nancy Leigh DeMoss today had a quote from a man dying of cancer… It doesn’t matter how many candles are on the cake; it matters how good the cake tastes. Something like that — he was at peace with a good end to his life, although ‘too soon’ for his loved ones. I’m sure something similar with the young man you are praying for. Sad while encouraging/challenging, eh? Choose joy.

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