It’s Monday Again!

Here in Arkansas, I actually LIKE Monday again … It is my and MiMi’s “day off” … unless you count cleaning up from the weekend, tackling mounds of laundry, and catching up on dishes and other neglected tasks. 

But there is no K-3 class, and I don’t (usually) work in the school kitchen on Mondays.  We drop the big kids off at school … and (usually) GO HOME!  Smile 

This weekend, we went away to a wedding of a girl we’ve known since she was a teenager – back near our old hometown in Missouri.  We saw her graduate from high school; she worked for my husband in summer school a few years; and now she is a beautiful and smart grown woman with 2 masters degrees under her belt and a big heart for Jesus and children.  Her husband is a blessed man.  The wedding was outdoors, and it was practically perfect in every way.

Afterwards, we had a family day as our family does:  we hit every Goodwill store between our old hometown back to Branson, where my in-laws live and we spent the night, plus a diversionary stop at a used bookstore.  It was nice to kind of fall off the radar and not go back to home to Arkansas until late Sunday afternoon.  Sadly, I came home to a horrid migraine and spent most of the night in severe pain. 

Normally I participate in Happy Homemaker Monday … but today Sandra doesn’t have her meme up yet … and I really don’t want to bore anyone further with our mundane life … and thus I will continue – for posterity’s sake – the home tour of our new DOWN SIZED domicile.  I already showed the entry/living room and then the kitchen/dining area.

Today, it’s the girls’ room: 

One of the first things both of my big kids put up when we moved in to this house was the posters that their friends made/signed for them at their going-away party: 



Looking into the girls’ room, you can actually see a little floor space. 


Annie-Belle has done a good job to make her side of the room cozy and personalized … Boy, do I remember arranging stuffed animals on my bed as a preteen every day too! 




I – yes, ME, the non-crafty-mom – made these curtains.  We could not find curtains in the right color … but we found a full-sized sheet in the blue shade Annie-Belle wanted.  Thanks to pinterest, I was able to – very easily, I might add – turn them into curtains.  The “pockets” at the top of a sheet, that kind of fold over, make the perfect place for the curtain rod to go through, with just a little picking open – no sewing required there.  You just have to measure and hem (one side of the sheet is already hemmed for you!).  I also was able to make a pillow case and a cover for a decorator pillow out of the left-over fabric. 


MiMi’s corner of the room is a little cluttered with toys, but I like having them easily available to her since this is her play room as well as her sleeping space. 


The girls’ closet is a walk-in, thank goodness, or we couldn’t fit everything they own into this house!! 


Thanks to tetris-style stacking, we are able to fit A LOT of stuff in a small space.  They key is just to always, always pick up and put away stuff when you are done with it. 

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  2. Tanya says:

    Awesome!! I like your “tetris-style stacking” idea. ;o) Cute.

  3. babstig says:

    You keep coming here and NOT VISITING!

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  4. melanie says:

    Fun, cozy room! And well done, you pioneer woman! [not] sewing curtains! Looks great!

    Sounds like you had a delightful weekend too — minus the migraine 😦 Hope you are feeling better today.

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