Quiet Day #4

31days2013a_thumb.jpgToday’s post is not an essay about QUIET … but just an update about life:

Things on my mind that I can’t keep quiet about.

You see, my nemesis THE BUICK is in the shop AGAIN (I probably should have a blog category called “The Buick” with all the stories of places and times it has broken down in the approximately 4 years we have owned it, and a tally of the repair money this “bargain of a vehicle” has cost us!! – and the reason why we have this car in the first place … but I won’t get into that now).  So, I started today with a phone call from my husband who was stranded on the side of the road.  *sigh*  My initial reaction was definitely NOT quiet.  😦  Thankfully, he broke down in a relatively safe place, and the car started up again after a few minutes so Daniel could drive it to work.   We dropped it off at a recommended mechanic tonight.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about our Buick … even though, once you get me talking about that thing, I definitely can’t keep quiet, even though I probably should.  But I’m here to NOT BE QUIET about GOOD THINGS such as:

1.  TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh how I love me some Target clearance items and couponing!!  Not only can I use/stack regular coupons and Target coupons, but there is this new feature (gimmick! ha!) called “cartwheel” that you can get even MORE savings on items you use every day.  For example, I had a Target coupon for $2 off any Tide pods packet.  The cartwheel savings were $1 off Tide pods.  So, I picked up a $4.99 pack of pods – and saved $3 – for a total of $1.99 spent.  It is only for 16 loads of laundry – but it is a name brand detergent at 12 cents per load.

Today I also had a $5 gift card from the last time I shopped a Target deal that gave me $5 back.  🙂

By the way, you have to know/remember that I lived at least 60-80 miles from my nearest Target for over 11 years … so living about 7 miles from Target now is a BIG DEAL.

2.  PARKS!!!!!!!  and autumn-ish weather.  They go hand-in-hand.


Having grown up in bigger cities and traveled/lived in Europe, one of my favorite things to do is walk at a beautiful park … and now with kids, a park with a playground.  Here in Fayetteville, we have MANY parks to choose from.  Our favorite two even have a little creek that flows through them.


3.  Wildlife … in my own “backyard”.


While our little rental doesn’t have much of a yard … unless you count a useless slope that one risks their life mowing … we are bordering on the woods – and an extensive hiking trail is just steps from our front door!  That makes up for not having much property.  🙂

Lately, 4 deer have been hanging out near our house.  It has been so fun to spy on them for a while.  So peaceful and beautiful!  We also have lots of bunnies in our neighborhood.  Probably a good thing our yards are all too small for gardens because that would provide a feast for these creatures!

4.  SO MANY BLESSINGS.  While starting the day with a broken down (again) Buick had the potential to launch me into a NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY, even just the few days I’ve dwelt on QUIET thoughts and quieting my troubled heart, especially God’s promises from yesterday’s post, helped me to determine to COUNT MY BLESSINGS instead.

Which brings me to the happy ending of the day:  I was checking my bank statement on-line, knowing it was going to be very, very tight, and I noticed my checking account total was higher than I thought it should be.   Upon further examination, I saw a deposit today that I did not make.  My dad felt led to transfer some money into to our account (we use the same bank so he can do this on-line), which he did without even telling me.   This money should be enough (hopefully!) to cover the Buick repairs.

Despite minor trials of life, inconveniences, and financial setbacks, GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES.  And this is worth SHOUTING about!!


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  1. Tanya says:

    So thankful the Lord went before you and already provided for you need! ;o)

    BTW, we have had deer in our yard now for over a year, and they still bring so much delight to us to see them playing in the field and grazing. Even when they get into my garden, I am still excited to have them as neighbors.

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