Quiet Day #7


We are already one week into October!  Time flies, doesn’t it!?  Sometimes I wish it would slow down a little so we could savor the moments instead of rushing through them to get to the next thing to-do, which is some of my motivation for blogging for 31 days about QUIET.  Quiet to me means so many things to include calm and sometimes silence, a welcome reprieve in this world of crazy! 

Today however, I want to mention a warning that I have to give myself:

Don’t Be Too Quiet for Too Long! 

If it were up to me, I think I could be a hermit … or a monk (well, I guess that would be a nun?) locking up in a monastery (nunnery?), puttering around, praying, chanting, and doing mundane tasks all day long.  Truth be told, that would probably make even me crazy after a week or two, but I’d sure like to try it for a few days!

I know I vaguely refer to “the last 2 years” often … those emotionally draining months that redefined our family and changed our lives completely by moving us 225 miles away from what had been our home for almost 12 years.  Well, this transition has turned me into somewhat of a social recluse here at my new church.  A few very kind people have reached out to me, and yet, I’ve held back.  After all, how does one share that really, we’d just like to have some secluded family time as we find our new normal together, without sounding too pathetic! 

I know God doesn’t want me to hide behind my safe, quiet walls for too long.  And yet, He has allowed us a little bit of a reprieve, especially for me.  My problem is:  I could just stay this way … forever. 

That said, I have my own quiet ministries right here at home:  caring for my family, writing and reading, praying, renewing my own mind so that I’ll be ready to get back out there in due season.  I don’t think I will ever be able to jump full force out of my comfort zone into a church again … I think I’ve learned the lesson of working within the boundaries of my own personality and needs … but I do know I need to touch people if I will ever be effective for eternity. 

I can’t be quiet for too long.   In fact, God doesn’t allow it!  My neighbors often come over with one need or another, or I get a call to ask if I can work an extra day in the school kitchen to cover for someone.  I do not want to resent those interruptions in my quiet because they might just be my opportunity to reach out! 

When I was a church secretary, I hated interruptions.  An introvert tendency is that one wants to complete one task completely before having to begin another one!  I definitely have that trait.  However, a friend – also a church secretary – gave me a thought to dwell on:  “Interruptions are my ministry.” 

That doesn’t mean we can’t set boundaries or isolate ourselves if possible to complete a task we’d like to work on.  But I do know that personally, I can definitely benefit from being a little more flexible.  I cherish quiet … but I need to remember to come out occasionally to be reminded that there is more to life than just my secluded, little world.

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  2. melanie says:

    Catching up with your quiet thoughts 🙂 Amazing it’s been a year since Dan’s fall!
    Have a good week, my dear quiet friend!

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