Quiet Day #8


Obviously, in the real world, not every day will be quiet, and some may not have one single solitary quiet moment at all – especially if you have kids/a family, have a job, run a household, or are involved in your church or other organizations!!

While my quest for quiet entails finding quiet moments, it also means I am seeking quiet/calm in the busy days – mainly that my heart and head remain calm – even while the activity bustles around me.

My days right now – especially while we have just one vehicle – are mostly spent chauffeuring my family around – school, work, school again, basketball, Scouts, church, and theater class.  Thankfully, most of the things do revolve around our church/school or are close by.   Even so, in the past, I let the constant running around really drag me down, but kept going only because my kids wanted to do something.

I am determined to NOT let the running around overwhelm me this school year.  I am hopeful to find a little more balance in taking care of myself and taking care of my family.  I am getting over the fact that taking a few quiet moments for myself sound selfish – I am deeming them as NECESSARY!

self care

Here are some things I want to keep doing to remain calm and keep my mind quiet:

1.  Plan meals.  My kids come home from school ravenous most days … and last night, after his first basketball practice, Drew couldn’t get enough to eat!  Having healthy-ish snacks on hand keeps us from grabbing junk food on the way home from an event.  Having a meal planned ahead of time (or at least first thing in the morning) gives me something to keep my kids at bay when they are asking “What’s for dinner?”

2.  File paperwork and take care of bills as soon as possible.  Now that MiMi is in K3, the stack of papers that come home from school is even higher!!  I am selectively keeping her work despite my tendency to want to hold on to each piece of art!  I have heard creative ideas like taking digital pictures of art projects and storing them in a file on a computer disc.  I haven’t gone that far – we just keep a few things in a file, then crafts that MiMi wants to look at/play with go into a cloth bag she can carry around, and a few very favorites (first day of school, etc) go into a Rubbermaid container (each child has ONE).

3.  Keep my calendars in sync.  I have a weird thing for calendars … as in I have a lot of them:  one by my computer, one in my purse, one in my room, and one on my phone.  I use the one by my computer as my main command center – then try to remember to move things to relevant calendars elsewhere as I need to.

4.  Put things where they belong as soon as possible.  In the past, I’ve had a real issue with stacks – I don’t know what to do with stuff, so I’d move it from one location to another and back again.  Since down-sizing, I’ve made it a hard-core rule for my kids to clean up after themselves almost immediately, and I need to hold myself to the same rule!  If I touch something, I must act – either file, throw away, or put away.

I hate the feeling of being overwhelmed and my goal is to not get back there.  I am sure as the school year moves along, the newness of our schedules will turn into the mundane … but I don’t want to slack.  I don’t want my brain to get overwhelmed by external factors as it processes internal thoughts seemingly all on its own anyway!  I want to be well rested or at least well-organized so that I can serve my family and others more effectively.



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