Quiet Day #9


Funny how I’ve been striving to live a quieter life … and yet, I know God doesn’t want me completely quiet as evidenced in the following recent events:
I am now the room mother for MiMi’s K-3 class (how does one say NO to the sweetest K-3 teacher EVER!!?) …

As of today, I have access to the kids’ school’s computer system as an authorized user as “they” were SURE that I’d be perfect for doing a lot of the cafeteria paperwork for the state’s lunch program requirements … (no pressure?!!)

I also know God doesn’t want our lives free from worry or care right now – Daniel’s car remains at the service station with no resolution to its bizarre stopping-while-in-drive issue, Daniel’s overtime at work expired (such a bittersweet thing:  we needed that extra money, but we LOVE having him home at 4:30 instead of 6:30 every evening!!), and sadly, our kitty Cinder had some sort of seizure this morning and hasn’t been the same since.  >^..^<

Funny, earlier this year when Cinder’s sister cat Ella was so sick, having to put her down was the thing that actually finally broke me down into tears after being so strong through all the events and changes of the past year … I could handle my husband’s unemployment, his injury, our ongoing car problems and financial set backs, but having to put our kitty down felt like “Seriously, God, you even want to take our cat?!” … I got over it, but I just wonder sometimes when it will end.  I guess the answer might be:  when we are dead.  Heaven is better than this – no doubt about it!! 

I am slightly hopeful Cinder will recover … she doesn’t appear to be in pain, she can move, but mostly she is just laying flat on the floor, hopefully re-gathering her strength?!

In any case, I continue to quiet my heart … I continue to trust God.  I continue to enjoy the little things in life that are so pleasant – like taking MiMi to the library (it’s even QUIET there!!)


(Another NEW calm thing in my life is I have finally started watching  Downton Abbey … I had to start at the very beginning, and I’ve checked out Season 1, discs 1, 2, and 3 from the library.)






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5 Responses to Quiet Day #9

  1. melanie says:

    PS ~ for those wanting a peek at Downton Abbey… you can watch some online since it’s back on the air here.

  2. melanie says:

    Pace yourself with Downton ;D {and be prepared for the unnecessary ick as well as the drama}
    If those extras at school fit in without sacrificing too much Mimi or castle-keeping time, you ARE certainly perfect for the job(s)! Even for the seemingly little things, it’s also okay to say, “Let me pray about it and talk with my husband first.”
    Hoping your kitty recovers soon ~ ❤

  3. babstig says:

    What is downtown Abby all about? Any good?

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  4. Reading along quietly and then you mention Downton Abbey! Yay!!! I hope you love it. The first episode (or was it #2) has a “gay” scene that made us almost turn it off, but if you stick with it, it won’t be as “ick” as you go along.

    Hope Kitty is better soon. I know that’s how I felt in July when Biscuit got Lyme disease.

  5. Amy says:

    You will LOVE Downton Abbey! The writing is great and the costumes, etc. are so interesting. I can’t wait for season 4!
    And I am sorry about the kitty…hope she gets better soon!

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