Quiet Day #14



I mentioned before that sometimes God forces quiet upon us ... We can regret it, resent it, fight it … or resign to it.  Today I resigned.

Since it is a federal holiday today – and while he works rotating holidays – today, my husband had the day off.  We had some grander plans until we realized our big kids had school.  We pared down our plans to just include MiMi … but in the end, the day was a bust.  However, it was a necessary bust.

We spent this morning at the dentist.  Daniel’s appointment took over an hour to include waiting, getting a thorough cleaning, a consult for a future cavity replacement, etc.  Thankfully, our new dentist’s office offered comfy furniture!


I woke up this morning with a nagging feeling that I was getting a migraine.  As per usual, I tried to ignore it … took tylenol, drank a huge glass of water … but after the dentist, I knew it was a migraine.  I was sad because we were going to take MiMi to a somewhat local drive-through zoo/petting zoo … but it turned out to be a rainy day anyway.

Instead, we went home, and I went to bed.  Thankfully, I slept, which I can’t always do when I have a migraine.  I slept probably 2 hours solid and woke up feeling so much better!!  However, it was already almost time to pick up Annie-Belle from school (Drew has basketball practice until 5:45 tonight), so our day of exciting plans turned into a day at home.

God took care of me and allowed me some QUIET time to sleep off my headache … while Daniel attended to the demands of “her majesty” (aka MiMi aka Miriam).  Once I woke up, I listened to them – mostly to MiMi – talking, talking, talking.  The child can TALK.  I spent a few more QUIET moments before I let them know I was awake, just enjoying my quiet while I listened to them … and being thankful how things worked out after all.



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