Quiet (?!) Day #18

31days2013a_thumb.jpgI actually have an amazing (to me!!!) quiet day thought to share today … HOWEVER, I have zero time to BE QUIET right now!

I’d much prefer to tell you the thoughts that swirled in my head while at the pumpkin patch with MiMi’s little K-3 class …


I mean, what is cuter and sweeter and more precious than 3 year olds and pumpkins and cute farm animals!!


However, my in-laws are coming in the morning … and while I’ve known this for a week … I am SO NOT prepared!!!!   I should be picking up the living room … I should be prepping the food I’m planning to make … I should be DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!!!

And I will do those things.  In a moment, but just for this second, this moment, I am having some quiet.  🙂

Happy Weekend!



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