Quiet Days #22 & 23


So my quiet has become a little CRAZY in the last 2 days.  A co-volunteer from our school cafeteria is gone this week to get her final cancer treatment, and I am picking up the slack at the school kitchen … plus all the other activities of the day-to-day, and I feel like I am driving around in circles, trying to get everything done and my family to the places they are supposed to be …

And speaking of driving, Daniel’s car is STILL dying on a regular basis despite having spent another week and a half at the shop … SO, today, we take it back for further evaluation/repairs (the mechanic had warned us that while he fixed 2 things, he thought there might be one more issue).  Sad smile  I won’t give much more commentary than that – because I am practicing calm and quiet … but I will say I seriously wouldn’t mind if that car just flat out died forever or just blew up or got stolen right now.  Yes, that would make us a one-car family … but it is even worse being a one-car family while having 2 vehicles, one of which is draining our money for its continual repairs and any confidence I have in my husband driving it safely.   GOD KNOWS…. but I am more than a little frustrated with this situation.

I have been contemplating about NOT always keeping quiet these days!!

You see, I hate confrontation … I hate asking for help … and I hate speaking up about something even if I feel strongly about.  For the most part, I just hope that things will work themselves out quietly when I do what I believe is the right thing … but that isn’t always the case because sometimes, the other person you might be dealing with is NOT doing the right thing or neglecting to speak up gets you left in the dust.  Then it is time to speak up!  I think that is why I often hang out with assertive friends!!  They get things done, and I get to tag along.  Smile 

My husband too is a quiet person, very non-confrontational … and probably the nicest guy you’d ever meet.  As my father-in-law says, “he wouldn’t say mud if he had a mouthful.”  While that doesn’t mean he is weak, it just means he prefers peace and quiet; but when he does finally speak up, WATCH OUT.  It is somewhat shocking!!  I’ve always thought this saying describes him perfectly:


Finding a balance between keeping quiet, letting God sort out the details and not letting people take unfair advantage of you is something I’d like to pursue further.  Part of having a quiet personality is a lack of confidence in ones’ self because the world is so full of loud, opinionated people that it is easier to just let those people take charge.  And yet, when one has a brain and is a thinking person, it is hard to just remain silent … except that it is often hard to find the courage and the words to speak up.  

Does any of this make sense or does it resonate with anyone?  Is there a Scripture or principle that comes to mind on this topic??

It’s just that sometimes, I get tired of being quiet …

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  1. Tanya says:

    I guess I am reminded of the time when Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple. He was definitely NOT quiet on this occasion. Sometimes we have to speak up about wrongdoing. I am not big on confrontation, but, for some reason, God has brought a lot of it my way recently. Yikes!! I prayed and searched the Word before I had to do the confronting and then prayed some more. ;o)
    BTW, accurate saying to describe D.

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