Quiet Day #25


THANK YOU, Lord, for quiet mornings …

Thank you, Lord, for time alone – time to re-group and re-gain perspective on the thoughts that have been troubling me this week.

Thank you, Lord, for warm, creamy coffee (or cream with coffee?!) and a kind of sleepy prayer time – where my thoughts drift to You even though they are spinning around, touching the lives and problems of those I know and those I love.

Thank you, Lord, for my family … my dearest ones … my husband who works so hard, who tries so hard, who cares so much.  For my kids, who are full of the joy of life because the stresses of it haven’t touched them too deeply yet.

Thank you, Lord, for friends who listen, who are just “there”, and who love me unconditionally despite any differences we have in situation or experience or station.

I needed a QUIET morning today … and NOW —- here comes the CRAZY again!!!!  🙂

Picking up my girls to drive to Drew’s first varsity basketball game/tournament with his new team!!  Then driving the hour back home to pick up Daniel from work and see what the evening affords us.  Perhaps a little more quiet?!  🙂



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  1. melanie says:

    Hope the single car issue is resolved soon for you! Life will be “easy” after that ;D

    The joy of the Lord is my strength… ❤

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