Quiet Day #30



PHEW, my 31 days of quiet are almost over!!  🙂  Like most things in my life, I started out with good intentions … and found myself faltering about mid-way through … and finally, just kind of flat out disappointing myself with my lack of quiet thoughts as we faced a difficult week this past week.  😦   Forgive my vents and my whines … I truly do seek QUIET – a calm spirit – and mostly just God’s peace.

I was looking at my notes before I started my QUIET journey – I was going to lecture and “pontificate” and teach and tell you a lot of things about quiet.  Somehow in that, I failed my plan miserably – but here’s what I succeeded at:  I was REAL.  You saw ME – my good days, my busy days, my quiet days, and my irrational, sinful, self-focused days.  I realized that I am not to lecture and teach and elaborate (because it really annoys me when people think they are so smart!!) … I am just to share what I am learning.

While I want to be real, I realize there are times when I should hold my tongue.  Discernment is something valuable to learn … and I am still working on it!  For one thing, I have a hard time to let something unjust go.  If I have feel slighted, I want the world to know that I am “suffering in silence” … 😉  I also think to pretend things are okay when they are not makes me a hypocrite.  If I want to question someone’s methods or motives, I don’t always err on the side of kindness, and I can call it “being real” and pretend I am the more honest person.  Even though I am not.

Our pastor here recently said, “It does not make us a hypocrite when we choose to love …”  LOVE is a choice.  

His example was Jesus’ lesson about “going the extra mile”.  The Jews of His day were obligated to carry a Roman soldier’s gear for a mile if asked to.  Jesus told them to go a second mile.  Can you imagine how hard that would be – to not only consent to be practically a slave for a mile … but then WILLINGLY offer to go further?!  To choose to give up that time … because now  you’ve not only gone one mile from your own destination but TWO, and eventually, you have to go back!  Sacrifice.  Love.  And may I add, DIFFICULT!!?  But wasn’t the cross difficult for Jesus?  Why should we deserve any more or any less.

Thankfully, God doesn’t give us what we deserve … He gives us a lot of grace and a lot of bonus blessings along the way:

Ain’t God Good, To Give Us So Many Blessings

Undeserving – That’s What We Are

We Ought To Thank Him, Love and Praise Him

A Little More Today, A Whole Lot More Tomorrow


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