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On November 30, I shared the story of how God provided our need for a bigger, more reliable vehicle for our family.

Just a few days earlier, I had read this article from a Christian, mom-blogger I read often – the Peaceful Mom (Kimberlee) – on how her family had miraculously been provided with a vehicle as well.  As I read, I was encouraged and hopeful that if God could do this for their family, perhaps He’d come through for ours as well.  I shared the article with one of my best friends (who recommended TPM blog to me in the first place) … and she told me later, she too prayed for us!  And not 3 days later, we too got the answer to a few years of prayers!

Through comments and email, Kimberlee and I have connected, and she asked if she could share our story on her blog.  I was thrilled because what better way to show thanks for this new vehicle than to share the story, encourage someone else, and give GOD all the glory!  Today, Kimberlee linked to my story.

By the way, I’ve been reading TPM blog for many months now … Kimberlee shares some pretty great deals and tips for frugal living.  She also makes a gluten-free menu (inexpensively!!) every week for those who might need that.  I might try it in the future as someone recently shared that gluten may be a huge trigger for migraines.  I dread to give up my bread … but I’d try it to live pain-free!



SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, check out The Peaceful Mom … and I’m going to hop into my new(to me) van and run some errands now, without the fear of breaking down, dealing with scheduling conflicts of picking up everyone else from their activities, and meanwhile have a working radio and CD player to enjoy Christmas music on!!  It’s the simple, little things …

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  1. Tanya says:

    Woohoo! You are famous. I feel a little bit, too. ;o)

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