Thanksgiving / 1. Advent 2013


Sunday (December 1) was the 1st Advent … the 4th Sunday before Christmas!  Being of German heritage, the Advent season is important and meaningful – and I’ve always hoped that it would be a tradition I could pass down to my children.  I do have an Advent wreath – and somewhere, I have an Advent devotional booklet to read.  However so far, other than lighting the ever increasing number of candles on our wreath, we have been sadly lacking in reverence for this tradition.  Never the less, the thought of Advent is never far from my mind this time of year.  The days pass by so quickly, we are so busy (too busy) … and I hope a few minutes remembering the REASON for the season will help me not to stress out about all the things the world wants us to focus on right now.   Aside from Jesus, family is the most important thing to me.  I was thankful to see some of my extended family just that this past Thanksgiving.  It was well worth the 1400 mile round trip to East Tennessee to spend some time with them. 


on the left:  my dad, my mom, Annie-Belle, MiMI ; in the middle:  Drew, me, and Daniel ; on the right:  my sister-in-law with my nephew and niece. 



and in this picture, my brother replaces his wife (who took this pic):


We actually had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday as it was more convenient for everyone involved and allowed my husband to visit his brother who lives in a near-by city in Tennessee on Thanksgiving Day (and allowed me a quiet day with my parents and a 3 hour nap!). 

Saturday was my birthday.  My mother gave me a beautiful portrait of my Oma (her mother) that was taken when my Oma was about my age now!  This picture always hung in my Opa’s room/office, and I always thought my Oma was the most elegant woman ever.  This is a picture I will cherish so much.  My Oma was an amazing woman, and some day I wish to write down more of her story.  My blog actually started dedicated to her memory as she was the ultimate Hausfrau, in my opinion!


Sunday – the 1. Advent – we actually spent on the road.  First stop:  DONUTS!




The drive home wasn’t easy … because we had to drive two vehicles home due to the addition of our new mini-van, Daniel and I each had to drive the 700 miles.   There was a 2 hour delay while we sat in construction traffic between Memphis and Little Rock.  And the last 60 miles I wasn’t sure I was going to make it … my head had been hurting for 3 days (migraine and its after-effects) and I was sooooooooooo tired!!  BUT we made it home safely to Northwest Arkansas. 


And so now, the Advent season is officially begun … and I guess I need to figure out when we will have time to put up a tree and decorate (am I the only one who doesn’t have a tree up yet??!).  Time for the pumpkins and cute scarecrows to disappear to be replaced with nativity scenes and snowmen and twinkly lights!   I hope the anticipation for our family this year will not be on the presents and the “stuff” … but on the greatest gift, Jesus, and on our blessings and on each other (and quite frankly for the joy of seeing a very hard year – 2013 – to an end!!). 

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6 Responses to Thanksgiving / 1. Advent 2013

  1. melanie says:

    Y’all look so happy together!

    No, no tree here yet either – at least not inside. Elis insisted on getting out the other decor today, so we are a little bit festive. Mostly eager to get all our kiddos HOME again 😀

  2. babstig says:

    I do not have a tree up…lol I am headed to Florida on Monday for 10 days..we will put one up when we get back.
    My friends hubby was found to have two tumors in his brain. 😦
    I am going to watch the kids for them while they go to walter reed.
    Yes, I respond as I think about it instead of reading all the way to the end! Lol

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  3. babstig says:

    You have a van?!? Yay!! Praise The Lord!!

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  4. babstig says:

    I didn’t know it was your birthday!! Such a terrible friend! My Internet was overtaken by teens with iPhones!!
    Love you!!
    Send me your address

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  5. Amy says:

    No tree up here, either! Hopefully that will happen this weekend. I’ll be tired of it by two days after Christmas anyway, so I’m not in much of a rush! 🙂

  6. Tanya says:

    As I am sure you can guess, there is no tree up at our place! ;o)
    I already warned my family that there will be no Christmas cards from me this year. Too much to do. Maybe I will do a New Year’s card/letter.
    Have you ever read the book by Lisa Welchel that is all about Christmas meanings and advent? We did it last year.

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