Wrapping Up 2013

2013 is almost over … for us, that is a blessed thought!  What a year!!  We’ve been through separation (though not nearly as difficult as a year deployment to Iraq – but adjusting to Dad popping in and out each weekend took somewhat of a toll in other ways).  We packed up, cleaned out, and spruced up a house – mostly without Daniel around – but thankfully, with a strapping 14 year old to help!  Lots of $$ spent too … hopes high for a sale … hopes dashed when our realtor barely brought by any interested parties.  Lots of emotions … some awkward situations … but mostly just time spent with supportive friends during those hard days.  Finally, renters moved into the house – and that is a story all in its own – I pray the house will sell in the next year or two!!  I am NOT fond of having rental property! 

Then came the BIG MOVE … so thankful for all who came to help us pack the big U-Haul.  HUGE thanks for all who were kind to our kids during the transition.  Thankful for a husband who gave me perspective and worked hard to fund everything. 

FINALLY, settling in a new city … finding delightful places to explore … making a few new friends.

There were days I cried because things weren’t like I wanted or I didn’t have a clue how things would ever work out … there were days I was just exhausted from handling things alone … and there were times when I wondered if we’d EVER move on and be rid of the burdens of adjustment and moving.  But we did move on. 

And now we are READY for 2014!!  Praying it will be a far more stable year for our family. 

There have been – of course – many happy days in between all the stress and frustration and hard work and worries. 

Recently, we’ve enjoyed several great days!

SOMEONE turned 4 years old last Sunday: 


MiMi had a good birthday at her grandparents’ house.  She even stayed there with her siblings for 2 nights while Daniel and I went home because he had to work on Monday and Tuesday.  She must have had a good time because she still occasionally calls me “Grandma” instead of “Mom”.  She’s growing up…. *sigh*

We made room for the Christmas tree in the little duplex.  And managed to scrape together more presents for the kids than we had anticipated!! 


Daniel’s parents shared Christmas Day with us!  I got to COOK THE MEAL! 

We had:  ham, turkey breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, bacon-wrapped green beans, broccoli casserole, ambrosia fruit salad, and rolls.  Dessert was cherry chocolate mousse pie (a Pampered Chef recipe). 




Overall, I think the kids were pretty pleased with the presents – mostly clothes for the big kids (and money from the grandparents) because it gets harder to shop for them!  Anna did get a book, and Andrew a new CD. 


Poor Andrew – I thought he wanted a certain Xbox game, and I searched several stores for it, not finding it.  FINALLY, I found the game miscategorized at Kohl’s – the only one!  PHEW!  When he opened the game, he reminded me – gently – that I’d already bought him the game for his birthday in September!! 


The girls are easy to shop for – so many cute and fun things to give them!


And all Daniel wanted was the DVD set of all the games from the 2011 World Series. 


Today is our 21st anniversary.  We already celebrated ahead a little by eating out very “fancy” while the kids were at grandparents’ house.  We ate a new-to-us place in Rogers – Texas Land and Cattle Company (not a restaurant for vegetarians!).  Smile 

Tomorrow we are going on a week long vacation!!!!  Just us, our little family of 5.  We haven’t had a vacation like this in I don’t know how many years!!  While we are there, we will celebrate Daniel’s birthday and then ring in 2014!  A new year – praying for a  more stable year – and knowing because God is in control that He’ll guide us through it – just as He faithfully did this year. 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mimi! Enjoy your vacation; what a wonderful way to start the new year! Hoping 2014 brings peace and many blessings.

  2. melanie says:

    Wow! I didn’t know that you found renters — Yay!
    And a family vacation?! Enjoy!!!

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