Los Lagos Lake … Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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Our little vacation duplex/cabin is on the banks of this lake … and according to our kids, it is as big as our old house, aside from having only 2 bedrooms.  The open floor plan, no doubt designed in the 1970s is somewhat a la’ Brady Bunch house – lots of dark browns and brick/stone on the inside … but we have a few modern amenities such as 2 flat screen TVs far bigger than we are used to!  The wireless internet works flawlessly too.  The master bathroom is bigger than our rental’s master bedroom … and the Jacuzzi in there is so huge that MiMi has been “swimming” in it each day (often joined by Annie-Belle).  So, we are just comfy/cozy here.   We have plenty of groceries, and while we’ll eat out a few times, we mostly plan to cook here and hang out together.

We spent much of the last 2 days just resting … watching too much tv/sports, spending too much time on-line/video-gaming, and I am reading until I fall asleep for yet another nap!  We had “house church” on Sunday as we don’t really know of a church to visit here, and Daniel was coming off a cold and wasn’t feeling well.  He led our “service”, and I will say, it was more meaningful than having to be a visitor at a new church anyway.   We also talked about some goals to set for 2014, some of them being spiritual. 

Vacation.  Really, the first true just-our-family vacation we have had in 4 years.  No relatives to visit … no one else’s plans to follow.  MiMi woke up on the first morning here, looked out the window to the lake view, and asked in awe, “Is this … is this … VACATION?” 

Yes, it is!

We must do this more often now that Daniel is accruing vacation time on a steady basis again.  A lifetime ago – somewhere around the year 2000 – we bought a time share deal that allows us to stay in resorts like this one for a very reasonable price.   One of the few good decisions we made way back then that is benefitting us now!  Smile 

The last time we stayed in a time share – just our family – was a little over 4 years ago – when we chose a resort near the hospital (that was 60 miles from our home) where I delivered MiMi on December 22, and then we celebrated Christmas there.  I guess we stayed in a resort in Branson in 2010 also, but because we were there for a family reunion/50th anniversary for Daniel’s parents, we were very seldom actually IN our nice accommodations and mostly out and about with the family.  In 2011, we actually gave our time share week away … to our pastor for his 20th church anniversary.  And 2012 was such a horrid year for us that we couldn’t even begin to consider taking a vacation between Daniel resigning his job, being unemployed, and breaking his leg. 

Hopefully, our new normal will include more vacations like this one.  Nothing too elaborate – just time to REST, re-group, re-connect with our family. 

We do have some fun plans this week … we’ll be exploring Hot Springs, the spa town nearby (we actually came here in March of 2003 after Daniel had just returned from a year deployment to Iraq – but the kids don’t remember much about that time).  It is also the home town of President Bill Clinton – and while I’ll be honest that I am NOT a fan of his (or his wife’s), we may go see his presidential library.  We may also explore the capital city of our new home state, Little Rock, in the next few days.  Meanwhile, I plan on taking a few more naps!!  Smile 

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  1. Sounds wonderful. The girls and I are joining friends at a timeshare next week. I love elongating the holiday! 🙂 Have a relaxing time! (picture is amazing)

  2. Tanya says:

    We have enjoyed “house church” a couple times, and it is always memorable. Sometimes a vacation that is laid-back with no plans is just what we need. Hope you have a great time!

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