I was thinking about all that this month ahead of me holds … and breaking things down day-by-day – and it hit me that today is  MONDAY!  We are coming off of a 2 week Christmas break from school, last week being away on a family get-away in Hot Springs.  Then the ice and snow and “polar vortex” hit this weekend – and we didn’t go to church and there was no school today … and thus, I am completely turned around on what day it even is!? 

It is the perfect time to join Sandra for a Happy Homemaker Monday post to get my ideas and lists down!  

As I look outside my window:::

It is 6 p.m. … and it is dark.  I moved my computer “desk” so that I now sit looking out the living room windows … and I like it!  I know the snow is covering the ground right now, and there is a thin layer of ice under that snow.  Wind chill today was –20 degrees!  My husband said it felt like “an Iowa morning” when he went off to work today. 
Right now I am:::

Relaxing, gathering my thoughts.  Dinner has been served, and dishes are almost cleaned up (waiting on my daughter to empty the dishwasher so I can fill it again).  I think I need a cup of tea! 

Thinking and pondering:::

How I love a NEW YEAR and most of a all, a new calendar or an empty planner.   I am very much a list-making person – and I love seeing things in writing.  This year I am color-coordinating my calendar too.  Exciting stuff.  Winking smile
On my bedside table:::

I checked out several mystery/suspense novels for our vacation … and I am reading the last one right now:  a new author to me (very funny) – Lisa Lutz – apparently there is a whole series of “Spellman” novels – this one is The Last Word.
On my tv tonight:::

It is off right now … I hear some big football game is on tonight – but I don’t care who wins because I don’t like either Florida State nor Auburn.   My husband would probably be watching anyway, but he came home with a headache and is resting. 

I did catch Downton Abbey last night!  Yeh!!  Glad it is back – wish it was on earlier than 9 p.m. here though. 

Listening to:::

A Mermaid Tale, that is MiMi’s DVD.   I can also hear Drew, all animated in his room – he is playing xBox with his friends from Missouri on-line. 

On the menu for this week:::
I really had high hopes and plans to be more conscious of menu planning this year!!  I did get out pork chops to bake today – but we ended up having hot dogs (I forgot to prepare the chops before hubby got home from work!), so I can say we will be having pork chops tomorrow!  With red potatoes and salad.

I want to make hamburger soup on Wednesday night.  And I’m not sure what else yet.  But I’m thinking warm, comfort food this week!!
On my to do list:::

I put off searching for a document I need (lien release) that I need before I can register one of our cars here in Arkansas.  It might be in a file cabinet in the garage – but it feels like –20 degrees in there!!!! 

Plans for this week:::

Well, I had hoped to “get back to normal” but not having school today threw that off.  It was ok though – the kids occupied themselves and I finished up letting down the hems in Annie-Belle’s 3 uniform skirts for school (she is getting SO TALL all of a sudden!!!  She’s already 5’6” … which is 2 inches taller than me!). 

Now we just heard there is no school tomorrow!!  Normally, I love a snow day – but we’ve been off for so long already – and we will have to make up these snow days.  Sad smile  This is where I miss home-schooling because we could be doing our work anyway…

Otherwise, I guess we will eventually resume the usual basketball practice for Drew, theater class for Annie, K3 mornings for MiMi, and AWANA on Wednesday night.  There’s a JV ball game on Friday night for Andrew – in Rogers, AR which isn’t too far from us, so we will probably go, too.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I am not very good with sewing, but I am thankful I learned enough in Home Ec and from my mother that I can let hems down in skirts and pants.   The last few days I picked open the hems, pinned them at their new length, and today sewed and ironed the skirts.  I also fixed some of the front and back pleats (?) that were coming open by hand.  I have a very basic sewing machine, and I do love that I can zip through projects like this!
My simple pleasure:::
My latest guilty pleasure:   Candy Crush.  Sadly, I am stuck on level 91.  Sad smile  Maybe it is a sign that I need to give it up.
Lesson learned the past week:::

Sometimes, in the past, it has irritated me just a little that as a mom, even on vacation, we are still the ones seemingly working.   The way things worked out this past week, I had to pack up everything from the groceries and cooking stuff to all the “entertainment” (DVDs, music, games, toys) for our trip – plus my stuff and MiMi’s.   Then, once there, I am the one who cooked this past week because we ate at our cabin a lot … although my Annie-Belle did help with dishes.  Meanwhile, everyone else sat around and “relaxed”.  HOWEVER, this vacation, I determined to take pleasure in the serving.  I kind of made it my secret goal that my family would have a good time, and I wouldn’t be the one feeling sorry for myself.  I wasn’t going to complain or even mention it.  And you know, after that determination, I didn’t even think about it again – I just did the extras that made everyone happy – took pleasure in the compliments over good meals and watched football games from the kitchen while I cleaned it up.  It’s not like it was SO hard … but in the past, I might have grumbled a lot more about “when is MY vacation” …

Being a “servant” is a biblical concept, but I have often kicked against it because I’ve seen too many people take advantage of or not even appreciate all the “servants” in their lives.  That “servant’s heart” one hears about in sermons – well, sadly, mine is sometimes rather reluctant.  I don’t like the thought of not getting “my fair share” and wondering “who will serve ME”.  But once I let that go, I am finding that it doesn’t matter … and in the end, I do often get a reward in some way whether that is satisfaction in what I did for others or because someone will do something nice for me in return. 
Looking around the house:::

Overall, it is peaceful tonight.  The big kids are in their rooms, Daniel is resting, and MiMi is by me watching her DVD.  The cat is nearby, napping.  Things are picked up, and I am ready for some tea and my book!

From the camera:::

my husband and I at Hot Springs this past week:


Prayer List:::

my husband’s job possibilities – we are ever applying for/looking for a position better suited to his qualifications (within the same organization) – even though we are ever thankful he even has a job!!  Smile 

Bible verse, Devotional:::


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6 Responses to HHM–1/6/2014

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  2. mindingmomma says:

    I struggle with the whole willing servant heart thing to. I hope you will stop by later and say hi.

  3. Sandra says:

    Love your thoughts on the working mom and vacation, so true.

    I’m betting you’re loving watching that snow fall, makes me wish I had a desk at my window so I could do the same 🙂

  4. Tanya says:

    We are definitely kindred spirits. You could have been quoting my own feelings about vacations and serving. I need to do as you did and determine to “take pleasure the serving” (LOVE that phrase!!). And, btw, I got stuck recently on a level in the 100’s (can’t remember what…maybe 121) in Candy Crush on Garrett’s iPad. We were thankful not to have our co-op today so that we weren’t zonked after staying up to watch Downton Abbey last night. Mrs. Hughes got some terrific lines this time as well as the Dowager. ;o)
    Love ya!

    • The dowager and mrs hughes kept it good….lady mary’s plot was so dull for me and predictable.  Dont like the new ladys maid either yet, had gotten used to o’Brien as the villain! But i will def be back next sunday.  🙂 Love , c.

  5. melanie says:

    I saw that quote earlier… and still like it! 🙂
    And I hear you on the ‘working mom’ — will have to work on my attitude still however 😮 I finally sat down to read a book last night. Still debating whether I even start watching the new season of Downton.
    Still so much to do around here, but I have decided to find another book instead. {but maybe we’ll de-ornament the tree too?}

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