I love Monday mornings like this … Daniel has taken the big kids off to school, and MiMi is STILL sleeping off her weekend lack-of-sleeping, and I have a cup of coffee and the cat nearby.  Nothing else – just silence.  Does my introverted heart good!!!

The week ahead should be busy – or maybe I should say “back to normal”, which is busy compared to Christmas break and then all the snow days last week!!  But I am ready to tackle it (maybe?!), so here goes!

Joining Sandra and friends for Happy Homemaker Monday to organize my thoughts.


We had an almost Spring-like weekend (highs in the upper 50s!), and this week, the highs are supposed to be between 38° to 55°F … but best of all the SUN is supposed to shine every day.  No gray skies!  No snow!  No rain!


getting ready for the week – going to go over my calendar and double check things to do, places to be, and then I will try to menu plan.  I adore my new planner and its cheerful pink cover!!  EVERYTHING is written down in here:


about many things, as usual.

For one, my son is working on this crazy valuable-to-his-education Science project for his Biology class right now.  Really, this project has NOTHING to do with Biology, but his teacher seems to love to take kids to competition for this National Science Fair thing and has been quite successful in the past, having students win scholarship money – and one even got a patent on the item she designed (a cattle gate that opened upon the approach of ONLY the farmer’s vehicles because of a sensor system installed).  Let’s just say OUR experiment is far, far less ingenious.  Inspired by my husband’s ladder accident in October of 2012, Drew is working on ideas to make an extension ladder safer to use by only one person (ie. without a second person to hold the ladder for support).  While that sounds like a good idea, we think, it isn’t very original for this level of competition, and we’ve decided we will just be satisfied if Drew passes Biology!!  Several kids in his class have kind of “checked out” of this project and aren’t turning things in, so we are hopeful Drew will at least get an E for Effort?!?!?!  LOL



Still reading this Spellman mystery by Lisa Lutz (?) … it isn’t as amusing as I originally thought and I am hopeful it gets to the point and ends soon!

Otherwise, in my Bible, I am slowly working through Romans chapter 2 right now.

I just picked up a mystery by a Charlaine Harris … paperback … 50 cents at Goodwill … if I hate it, I can always donate it right back!


Blissfully it is OFF right now.  I have DVDs of Cranford (which I finished yesterday) and Return to Cranford (to be watched this week?) … and the last Larkrise to Candleford DVD is available for pick up at my library!   The Larkrise series has been my favorite – and many of the same BBC actors are in each of these series as well as in Downton Abbey, which I also watched last night.  They are becoming “familiar friends”.

So Downton … wow … I have a bad feeling about the situation with the character Anna (Will she turn up pregnant and now not know who is the father?!?!??!!  That is my prediction for the plot because it would complicate things so much further!!).  I was actually kind of stressed out about the whole episode (I do not like the new ladies maid at all – well, the returning maid?!) – and now understand why some have called Downton “just a soap opera with British accents” … but you can’t deny that the costumes and customs and scenery of the show are absolutely stunning (justification for continuing to watch??!).  Smile


hope to plan this out this week….

Last week, I just wrote down the meat I wanted to get out of the freezer – or a general idea I had (pasta, soup, etc.), and that helped me a lot already.  It is my challenge to get a menu planned out in detail so I am settling for this method and slowly working my way into the details!


GUESS WHAT!!!????!!!  My husband’s car (not the Buick, but the vehicle previously known as “our reliable car” before I got my van) is making a HORRID GRINDING SOUND … and we need to get it to a mechanic, I suppose.  Sad smile   Our Buick is still MIA at a pastor-mechanic man’s house who fixes cars on the side; we are just pretending it doesn’t exist.  Alas, that is one’s lot in life when every vehicle one owns is over 10 years old with over 160,000 miles on it.   Oh well … I am not trying to complain, just stating the facts.   The theme of our family’s lives the last 2 or 3 years (other than DRASTIC LIFE CHANGES) has been CAR PROBLEMS.  Smile  May as well chuckle …

Otherwise, just the usual basketball practices and games we have every week – and Anna’s theater class – and such like.


Let’s see:  how about a 13 year old making “slushies” using RED kool-aid is NOT a good idea.  Just say NO to red dye.  Amen.  (speaking from experience)


Other than laundry, things are pretty calm and cleaned up.  That is one goal I have maintained so far:  in this small of a house, if you let clutter stack up, it seems 100x’s worse, so we don’t allow it (well, ok, I don’t … the rest of my family plays along but doesn’t get what the big deal is!!).


Our kitty Cinder resigned to wearing MiMi’s birthday crown (from school – her teacher remembered all December birthdays last week!) around her middle.  Guess we’re celebrating October birthdays too (Cinder’s b-day is October 19, 2004)



A job my husband applied for (in the organization he works for) “closes” this week (ie, no more applications accepted, will start reviewing candidates) – and another position is coming open that several people have told him to apply for.  Here’s hoping he can move up the ranks just a little.  He worked 16 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday because the only way we can really make it without adding to our debt is if he gets overtime right now, and it allows me to stay home with the kids.  Again, not complaining, just explaining why it would be helpful if he could get another position.  January 28 marks ONE YEAR at his job – and we are thankful!!!!


At church last night, our associate pastor started a series on Psalms.  He was talking about Psalms in general and the emotions written about in Psalms – and how David (and other writers) so openly and humanly expressed their emotions to God, in fact, sometimes poured out their grievances.  He stated something to the effect that God doesn’t wish us to be outwardly perfect, seemingly unapproachable, non-emotional Christians … He knows we are HUMAN and He knows we struggle, and that is NORMAL!  He said God doesn’t want robot Christians, suppressing our true feelings, saying only what we are programmed to know to say – but to be REAL Christians.  And to that I say, “AMEN!”

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7 Responses to HHM–1/13/2014

  1. Tanya says:

    Okay, first of all, Cinder is cracking me up!!! ;o)

    Amen and amen to the fact that clutter makes a small space 100x’s worse. Yikes!!! We lived that for 20 months.

    Now to Downton, I immediately said to my kids and Tim, “I hope it doesn’t get to the point where we can’t watch it anymore.” :o( But the Dowager had a zinger again…….did you catch it? Something about the upper class — I think she said it to Tom — maybe like “What makes you think there is intelligence in the upper class?” but I can’t remember. I HAVE to start writing her great lines down.

    Well, Friend, I feel your pain about returning to busy. I have to be somewhere EVERY night this week and on Saturday morning. I miss the quiet of Christmas break already.

    Will be praying for Dan’s job!

  2. Angie says:

    I think the ladder idea is very practical. Hope he gets a good grade!

    Ah, I haven’t started this season of Downton Abbey yet! Now I’m really wondering…

    I hate making menus even though they are necessary. I’ve come up with a monthly planning sheet I could share with you via email if interested. It’s taken some of the pain out of planning for me.

  3. Tori says:

    I love your planner! I need to get one myself. I have a scheduler but it doesn’t do everything I need other than keeping important dates in check. Still it’s a big help.
    We have the same problem with our cars and they are also over ten years old so wishing you much luck with that. I know how frustrating that can be. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Sarah says:

    I hope your husband gets the job he hopes for, I know how hard it is to get by on one income these days.

    Your planner is so pretty. And I think your son’s idea is great – he should get an A! 🙂

    I think I’m the only person in England who has neither watched Downton Abbey nor Larkrise to Candleford. LOL

  5. Stopping by from Happy Homemaker Monday. I love the idea of buying books @ Goodwill. It is always hard to have family “follow” and “obey” our personal new years resolution. My table was one thing I wanted to keep clean and my family seems to dump everything on it! I guess God is going to be teaching me patience and longsuffering this year as well!

  6. mindingmomma says:

    I absolutely love the pink planner! That bright Pink is the color I picked to add to my wardrobe this year. And i love it too when the tv is off and all is quiet. Have a great week.

  7. melanie says:

    Instead of “lions and tigers and bears” — It’s “Dan’s car, red kool-aid, and Downton, oh my!” 😉

    On the other hand, really thankful for your ‘new’ van, Andrew’s good student attitude, and Dan’s year of steady employment!

    And the Psalms especially help us through it all. God is always good, and won’t heaven be *glorious*?!

    Blessings on your day & week!

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