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Nothing will humble you more than realizing how very long it has actually been since you attempted to actually DO SOMETHING besides just talking about doing something … but then also remembering, that the effort kind of failed or at the very least was lost amid a major life crisis change and the ensuing general daily grind and a lot of other things that distract a person from their goals for apparently SEVERAL YEARS!! 

Way back in January 2011, I was determined to make some life changes – and I made the above little graphic (I don’t actually remember doing this … but obviously, I did!).  And why not, at the time, things were going well:  MiMi was about a year or so old, and I was working very, very part time from home, and my husband had a job he really loved, which was seemingly going well.  Not really sure when the disconnect happened, but I know it was probably in correspondence with the fact that about March of 2011 suddenly changes were alluded to concerning my husband’s job – and the hammer fell when he was told what exactly those changes entailed that summer.  The following school year from August to December were pretty tumultuous, which led to him giving his resignation in January of 2012 … and then finally leaving his job in July of that year.  Of course, you know the story – unemployment, his injury, transitioning our family to home-schooling, and then living apart for 6 months, starting in January of 2013.

And now here we are in January of 2014!!!!   Finally, after all that … after all the emotional, physical, and spiritual agony and upheaval and long nights of praying and wondering and waiting … here we are!!  Starting to settle down again, starting to see a new purpose and a new path God is leading us down.  One of the privileges I have right now is time to just focus on my family.  I am free of all the clutter – and some of the burdens – that we left behind while moving and down-sizing our home. 

God has given me a little while to not only help our kids make this transition, to be available when our car troubles have hit (most recently, by the way, it was brake pads, rotors, and calipers), and to take care of things for my husband who can’t often get away from his job, but God has graciously given me some free time.  It is something I have longed for … that time when I can *finally* catch up a little, organize a little better, and help my household run a little smoother and simpler!   While I fear this phase may not last for long, I do appreciate this kind of hiatus in life, a time to heal and reflect … and to MOVE ON.  It is a time to take care of things I have wanted to tackle for years – one of them being my recipes and cooking for my family, in general, to include menu planning.  

In 21 years of marriage, I have accumulated so many recipes from family, from friends, from magazines, blogs, and now from PINTEREST!! 

Recently, I was able to go through all my recipes in the various forms that I am trying to keep them. 



and my recipe box (that I’ve had for-ev-er!!!!):


I love looking through these things and seeing the names of people whose foods I now enjoy cooking or baking!!  I see instructions to make “whimpies”, given to me by bestest-oldest (as in long-standing) friend Tanya when we were both first married … and pie crusts from Melanie’s grandma’s recipe (I think!) … and some recipes from Sandra’s food blog, too.   Plus some of the tried-and-true recipes we go to time after time, that I mostly have them memorized. 


Inspired by my bloggy-friend Angie’s instructions and sharing her own menu planning and grocery shopping lists, I have made a spread sheet of all our favorites!  Categorized by beef, chicken, pork, pasta and no-meat meals, I have also sub-categorized them by crock-pot meals and location in the above box or folders. 


I made a separate sheet for breads, side dishes, and desserts – and am also keeping a list of recipes I’d like to try soon. 


All this … and as of today, I am starting a new healthier eating plan!!  (I might share about it later … IF I can stick to it!!). 

The good news in all this is:   you might plan and fail … but if you are determined, God may give you an opportunity to try again! 

Winston Churchill once said

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

and of course, he is also credited for having said

Never, never, never give up!

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7 Responses to Reflection by Recipes

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  2. Rebecca D says:

    I love the quote…. I probably need to frame it and hang it somewhere I’ll see it daily! 🙂

  3. Rebekah says:

    Well, Mrs. H you have motivated me to organize the gazillion recipes I’ve collected over the last 17 years! Not sure how I’ll do it just yet but something has to be done. I have printouts and magazines with dog-eared pages just waiting to be organized. Keep us posted on how the organization is going. 🙂

  4. Tanya says:

    Wow, I am jealous!! I have always wanted to get my recipes in order. One of these days……right? Maybe?? ;o) I like your recipe box and the way it is arranged. I have never thought to do it by side dishes, casseroles, etc. Great idea! And, btw, I never realized I gave you the “Whimpies” recipe. It is still a Tallent family favorite. I still have recipes from you, too — burritos, chocolate pie by one of Dan’s relatives, etc.
    Also, thanks for clarifying “oldest” friend. Bahahaha!!! Especially since Tim and I took a beating after playing kickball with our kids for an hour on Saturday………..yikes! I am getting old. ;o)
    Love you!!

  5. melanie says:

    er *healthy 🙂

    • Hmmm, and here I thought you were going to be heath-y…..heath bar-ish perhaps….ah, I digress!! I face my triglycerides in march and have not taken meds for over a year so I am curious if they are or will be improved.   Ok, go Ttapp….but based on the pics I have seen of Mr Churchill, I tend to think his motivational speeches were geared to wars and not exercise!! Lol However, it doesn’t stop me from liking them for healthy motivation either.  🙂

  6. melanie says:

    WOW, Spreadsheets. You are looking Organized! with a capital O! 🙂

    As far as the heathy-motivator, I am coming around to my annual blood test and measurements for my insurance discount 😮 And we still have Christmas sweets on hand! Trouble. So I was prompted by my son (and his pastor’s wife) way out in NC to dig out my T-Tapp dvds – ha! We shall see if I can make any improvements… maybe I should post the Churchill quotes on my mirror?

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