It’s February already!!  The calendar has turned a new leaf … and off, we go!

Joining Sandra today for a snowy Happy Homemaker Monday.


It is 16° right now … but sunny (which Miriam says will “melt the trees”).  The 3-5 inches of snow we got yesterday is glistening beautifully!!  I am thankful my husband made it to work at the hospital safely.

This was the view going RIGHT out of our church’s parking lot yesterday after services (20 car pile up!).  Thankfully, we live to the LEFT and were able to get home safely.


(photo credit:  AR 40/24 news)


enjoying the quiet (big kids are sleeping or at least hibernating in their rooms).  It’s a snow day from school (again … we’ve lost all upcoming holidays to make up for them, as well as tacked on an extra week of school days)!!

Miriam has developed a cough – and every time she coughs, she feel like she has to wipe her nose; needless to say, tissue piles are accumulating!

I am drinking a cup of coffee and looking at the snow outside the window beyond my computer screen.


about a recent blog post I wrote … and chuckling a little because I just went back to edit it.  You see, I mentioned something about my “having 2 dads”, which a friend pointed out to me sounds a little different these days than how I meant it!  I do have 2 dads – but one is my biological father, and the other is the step-dad who adopted me when he married my mom!   Smile I just went back to clarify that … and to shorten the post to take out some of my excessive rambling!

Anyway, it makes me kind of sad and mad that we have to worry about these things.  While I don’t want my kids to be homophobic, I do want to uphold traditional marriage = 1 man + 1 woman!   It really bothers me that even Disney Channel is pushing the agenda by having their preteen/teen show Good Luck, Charlie introduce a little girl character “with 2 moms” (not that I am surprised).


I am finishing up

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle … a very interesting book set in the late 1800s and early 1900s.



Speaking of the book, I did watch Downton last night … Unfortunately, I got a phone call I had to take during the first half of it, so I had to watch it on “mute” for a while…. but I don’t think I missed much?!?!  I am curious about what is going on w/ Lady Edith and her man!!  and I didn’t like the looks of the preview for next week’s episode (ie with the Dowager!!).


I meant to inventory my freezers and pantry this weekend to match the food we have to the menu spreadsheet I made … but alas, time got away from me (or truly, I piddled it away, especially on Sunday!)


ummm, well, that would probably be the INVENTORY our freezer and pantry!  No excuses today – we are snowed in – and I have nothing more urgent to do!


Not too many genius ideas around here today … I did like this blog post (We Can’t Be Friends) that I read today, encouraging moms to have friends over even if the house isn’t perfectly cleaned up.  The writer sounded SO like me – I have issues with perfectionism when it comes to showing my home, so I need to GET OVER IT!!


Speaking of the above issue …

Actually, my house isn’t too bad today!  I do have some stacks of paperwork on the dining room table that need to be dealt with!  It’s tax time.  Yee haw.  Not.  We get to do Missouri state taxes (my miniscule employment from Jan to July) and here in Arkansas for Dan’s.  Otherwise, it is back to the usual chores:  laundry and dinner prep for me; unloading the dishwasher for Annie-Belle, trash duty for Drew … and cleaning up the continually rotating toy bins for MiMi.


Looking down our street yesterday after church:



My husband has a job interview TOMORROW (Tuesday at 10:15 a.m.) at the organization he works for already, for a position that is the next step up.  He even took the day off so he could do the interview without rushing – he also had some “use or lose” leave accumulated so he’s using it.  He also needs to get his AR driver’s license, and my van needs to go into the shop for a few hours to get the driver’s side door fixed.

Otherwise, thinking of those who are struggling through recoveries or illness.  I have a friend named Jen who has recently overcome leukemia but is now fighting liver disease.  Sad smile

Melanie’s young relative Kim is rehab’ing from brain injuries; sounds like she just spent a weekend at home!  I found out a high school friend had surgery recently for br-ast cancer and will be undergoing chemo immediately.



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2 Responses to HHM–2/3/2014

  1. Rebecca D says:

    20 Car pile up! There was only a few inches of snow! Oh my, I forget how bad it is when it snows even a tiny bit in the deep south! I know you are used to driving in it, but quite frankly I am surprised they had church that day!
    In related news, we got 11″ more snow today… (Other people’s) Kids were in school until lunch time and they will be back in school tomorrow! Ahhh… Maine! 🙂

  2. melanie says:

    Thanks so much for praying for Kim 🙂 Exciting to pray for Dan’s advancement opportunity at work!
    Wow, what a snowy mess down there! I ended up staying home on Saturday, but Tim and two of the kids were out – thankfully with cautious and safe driving!

    Have a great week!

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