Happy Homemaker Monday–3/17/2014



Joining Sandra and friends today for another HHM:

As I look outside my window:::

Sunny and 31°  … the little bit of snow left from yesterday is MELTING!

Right now I am:::

enjoying a quiet Monday.  The big kids are back at school after being away for a week at the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Tournament in Springfield, MO (I went too!!).  

Laundry is piled up, ready for its turn in the washer and dryer.  Ham is thawing for dinner tonight.  MiMi is playing with her dolls nearby.  I am having my second cup of coffee.   

Thinking and pondering:::

Actually, I am remembering!   14 years ago, March 17, 2000, I found out I was pregnant with Annie-Belle!!  We were living in Newport News, Virginia, at the time, and my husband was still in the Army.  We had access to a real infertility clinic at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, and after meeting with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, he prescribed some medication to combat my poly-cystic ovaries.  I also underwent a hysterosalpingograph (HSG), a test that runs dye through one’s fallopian tubes, to make sure they are not obstructed.  The doctor mentioned the HSG is actually also very beneficial to conception, not a proven fact, but based on statistics, many women get pregnant after undergoing this clearing of the tubes!  Apparently I became one of the success stories shortly after I had the procedure, too!

I have always been a control freak and in those days, I was addicted to taking home pregnancy tests (HPTs).  So obsessed was I at this point, I bought testing strips directly from a laboratory supplier!!  They are just the basic strip minus the fancy plastic holders commercial HPTs come in.  The problem with these is you have to worry about an evaporation line – and have a higher chance of false positive – and negatives.  However, after trying several of the laboratory tests, all positive, I also bought a HPT from the store that showed a faint positive line.  It was still pretty early in the pregnancy … but I wanted that second child so much!!  

And thankfully, I gave birth to a healthy girl – albeit a breech baby – less than 8 months later (she came 3 weeks early!). 

On my bedside table:::

In the Bible, I’m in Romans chapter 12.  So far, I’m only on verse 4.  It takes me one day to digest each verse right now!! 

I am reading V for Vengeance by Sue Grafton as my mindless reading material.

Listening to:::

MiMi talking for her dolls.  Always very cute conversations going on there.

On the menu for this week:::

tonight – no corned beef – but we are having ham, cabbage, and potatoes. 

On my to do list:::

not too much going on here.  We want to look into getting Drew a new (used) trumpet as his was destroyed in our move (well, the damages equal $250+).  He has an E flat French horn, but he prefers to play the trumpet with the church orchestra so he doesn’t’ have to transpose.  Need to start exploring options.

Happening this week:::

back to routine:  me working in the school kitchen 2 days/week, MiMi will go back to preschool 3 mornings a week (Tues, Wed, and Fri).  No basketball practice this week, though.  Theater class continues for Annie-Belle. 

This is my hubby’s last week at his current job – after 1 year and almost 2 months there!  He’ll be moving to his new position on March 24th! 

My simple pleasure:::

not getting dressed until I absolutely have to!!   I know this blows the Flylady’s theory of getting up and putting on your shoes immediately out of the water, and it may hamper my productivity for the day … but it sure feels good.  Smile

Lesson learned the past week:::

Not everything is about ME.  Go figure.  Winking smile

Looking around the house:::

It is pretty calm, other than the overflowing laundry (which is the result of 4 of us being gone all last week).  I have some paperwork that needs to be sorted through (mail from last week!), but otherwise, right at this moment, things seem under control. 

From the camera:::

The Eagles, my son’s home-school/Christian school hybrid basketball team.  #2 in their division at the tournament (out of 8 teams).



Prayer List:::

a lady from our previous church is undergoing chemo treatment #3 today for uterine cancer.

a girl I went to high school with (a grade lower than me) is beginning chemo for breast cancer today.

a friend who just beat leukemia is still fighting lung cancer tumors – and her Air Force husband deployed last week.  He could have been compassionately reassigned, but they felt she was stable enough for him to go on his mission (I think it is only for a few months).

Bible verse, Devotional:::



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6 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday–3/17/2014

  1. babstig says:

    My friend here is selling a trumpet…or was for $100 and it needs to be tuned.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Sandra says:

    You know I like the idea of not getting dressed until absolutely necessary LOL I am having corned beef here tonight, I don’t do it every year, matter of fact it’s been a few years since the last time I had it.

    Hoping you have a fantastic week ahead 🙂

  3. Judy says:

    Sounds like a fun week. I miss watching my children play sports. I chuckled when I read you are thawing ham for dinner, I put a ham roast in the oven this afternoon which was not on my menu plan for the week 😉

  4. Rebecca D says:

    I am glad you survived your week away! I can not believe how grown up your son looks all of a sudden! Have a great week getting “back to normal”!

  5. melanie says:

    Glad you and Mimi could have a ‘quiet’ day at home as you ease back into life AT home!
    {I still think I would win the Biggest Monday Bum if you want to have a contest – hee hee. No motivation whatsoever here… I’d better take myself in hand.}

  6. Angie says:

    Sounds like last week was fun! Love your blessed vs. lucky quote.

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