Happy Homemaker–3/24/2014


It’s a HAPPY SPRING BREAK – HAPPY HOMEMAKER day for me and my family!!  Smile  Joining Sandra (who is also on Spring Break) and friends today. 

As I look outside my window:::

It’s a cloudy day … 42° right now … supposed to get into the mid-50’s today.

Right now I am:::

enjoying a second cup of coffee, eating a few raisins (when I really wanted to scoop into my Nutella jar instead but the scale is telling me to STOP IT!!), just reveling in the PEACE AND QUIET (my girls are with their grandparents until Wednesday … Drew was supposed to be there too but he is sick. Sad smile )

Thinking and pondering:::

Well, if you all know me, you know my brain is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  I was just thinking about how many people just enjoy their lives … no matter what, no matter where.  And I tend to always be seeking the next phase or the better days ahead.  Like right now, we live in a little rental duplex – it is temporary until our house in Missouri sells (God willing; after our renter’s lease is up) and our financial situation gets a little better after all the setbacks of unemployment, etc.  I drive by homes for sale and start to feel discontent … or remember our old home (which someone else is enjoying!!) … and I yearn for that space again, the yard, the freedom of not sharing walls with neighbors.  I have zero interest in decorating or projects because this “isn’t our home” … And yet, I am wasting the days, wishing this time away, when really it is PRECIOUS TIME.  My big kids are growing up so fast … they won’t be with us many more years – and it won’t matter what home we lived in while we had them.  What will matter is what we did together as a family, the time spent making the days count.  That’s what I want to enjoy.

On my bedside table:::

The “V” and “W” books by Sue Grafton

On my tv tonight:::

NOTHING … but a little March Madness basketball with my hubby.  My husband was pretty bummed when his Iowa Hawkeyes were knocked out of the dance by “my” Tennessee Volunteers last week … but then Iowa State played an awesome game yesterday (yes, I’ll admit it, Melanie!!) so he’s back on the any-team-from-Iowa bandwagon.  My Volunteers had a big win yesterday, too, and move on to play Michigan, I think, on Friday. 

Listening to:::

SILENCE … my favorite sound!!

On the menu for this week:::

Not sure – for 3 days it is just me, hubby, and Drew. 

It might be a good time to FINALLY inventory my pantry and freezer and do some serious meal planning!!??!!

On my to do list:::

I need a hair cut.  I also have some errands/shopping to do while my girls are gone.

I am considering a purge of the girls’ room while they are gone, too.  We’ll see how much energy I can conjure up. 

I want to stop by the library today to stock up on some BBC and Acorn Media movies!!   The TV is MINE for a few days (except when basketball is on for hubby), so I need to take advantage of it.  

Happening this week:::

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Smile  I have some girl time things planned for Thursday and Friday when I get them back from their grandparents. 

For now, I am nursing my sick boy here at home … and kind of doing things that I don’t normally get around to.  Not a fun, exciting Spring Break – but I am ok with that as I needed some time just AT HOME after the activities of the last few weeks. 

My simple pleasure:::

Seriously, it is completing a task – from beginning to end – without interruption!!!! 

Lesson learned the past week:::

Things don’t always go as planned (ha – I knew this … but it was just confirmed to me yet again).   My 3 kids were supposed to be at their grandparents’ house from Sunday until Wednesday.  Unfortunately, Drew started getting a sore throat last week – and I even took him to the doctor since they are watching his tonsils after a recent abscess on one of them – but he got worse after that – and is still not well today.  He is even feeling a little nauseous today, which is probably a result of not eating much and taking antibiotics.

Looking around the house:::

Things are calm here – just a few things to file and sort through. 

From the camera:::

in one of my frantic attempts to simplify and restore some space to my smart phone, I was deleting old pictures … and accidentally deleted ALL pictures, to include recent ones.  Sad smile   Thankfully, I had put a lot of them on facebook or saved them on my computer, so I think I can rescue most of them. 

Prayer List:::

my husband started his new position at work today!!!  I’m anxious to hear how things are going. 

My friend who had leukemia and then found out she has tumors on her lungs just found out her leukemia has returned.  I am seriously scared for her. 

Also, 2 other friends undergoing chemo right now. 

And praying my son Drew starts feeling better soon.  

Bible verse, Devotional:::

Romans 12:9a

Let love be without hypocrisy. 

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2 Responses to Happy Homemaker–3/24/2014

  1. melanie says:

    Hurrah for the First Day on the New Job 😀 and a ‘new’ Cyclone fan! We couldn’t watch yesterday’s game at all — sounds like it was a crazy heart-attack sort of finish.

    Have a great week my friend!

  2. Judy says:

    I hope your husband had a wonderful day in his new position and I’ll keep your friends and son in my prayers.

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