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Because my blog needs some consistency these days … and I fear I’ve rambled quite a bit too much in the last few months as I’ve sorted through tumbled thoughts, I am doing something structured for the month of April.  I am participating in a month long (26 days actually – we get Sundays off!!) challenge to blog from A to Z!

I’ve recently unpacked all our photo albums and remembered so many of the wonderful places we have been privileged to live and visit over the years.  And from this, the idea for my theme has emerged:  TRAVEL (which is the official category I am putting myself under) although it is more of a THE WORLD I HAVE SEEN and EXPERIENCED type remembrance.

The story of The Ordinary Hausfrau begins in Germany … I was born in Frankfurt in 1970 to German parents.   They separated after I was born, and after some time, my mother met a tall, dark, handsome American soldier who was stationed in Frankfurt.  Below is a picture of my mom, my soon-to-be-dad, me, and my Opa (my beloved German grandfather) sometime around my 3rd birthday.



In October of 1974, my mother married her American soldier –and she and I came to America for the first time in our lives!!  We lived in Northern Virginia for several years as my dad retired from the Army at Ft. Belvoir and began working for a law firm (as an administrator) in nearby Old Town Alexandria.  Below is a picture of my mother and me on our very first visit to the state of Tennessee, which is my dad’s home state and where my parents now reside.


And thus began our life in AMERICA … My mother and I became U.S. citizens in 1989.

I had a fairly typical 1970s American upbringing.  I wore some pretty great polyester outfits.  I watched JR Pufnstuf on Saturday mornings and learned English thanks to Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  I walked about half a mile to kindergarten all by myself – and later rode the big yellow school bus to elementary school.

I was scared to death of JAWS … and I remember watching Star Wars at the movie theater when it first came out!  I had crushes on John Travolta (Danny from Grease), Shaun Cassidy, and Andy Gibb; and I had all their records.


We rode our bikes every where and stayed outside with the neighborhood kids until the street lights came on.  I loved my Barbie dolls – and my dream came true when I got the Barbie townhouse for one of my birthdays!  I was the roller skating princess, and I even remember having skates with metal wheels before I got some nicer ones with rubber wheels and that big old stopper at the toe!  I loved unicorns and rainbows – Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobby.


I was a Brownie for a while but never made it to Girl Scouts.


When I was 8 years old, a neighborhood friend invited me to attend Sunday School with her … and after that, church became a part of my life, too.  I asked Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior in the summer of 1979 after Vacation Bible School – and as a result, my parents also started attending church regularly as well having been invited to come by my teachers and pastor.  Soon my mother became a Christian, and my dad who had grown up in the Baptist church but left his Christian roots for many years rededicated himself to God.

Everything wasn’t always ideal – I suddenly had 4 older step brothers and a step sister who came and went as custody delegated … and in 1977 my half-brother was born (I just use those terms to sort out who they are – I actually consider these siblings my brothers and sisters minus the clarifiers)!  We overall got along fine, but there are always issues when families try to meld together, even when all sides attempt to be peaceable.




America was definitely my “land of opportunity”!  I learned about freedom, patriotism, and all the rights and privileges its Founding Fathers wanted to give to all who came to live here.  While I love and cherish my German roots and I consider Germany my homeland, I am proud to be an American and very thankful to live here.

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  8. Oh, I just love seeing old family photos! I love that you learned to speak English through my favorite childhood TV shows. And I love that I’m doing this challenge, too, so I can find all these other great bloggers!

  9. Birgit says:

    My mom is German and she came here in 1956. I loved my Oma so much but didn’t see her as much due to her living across the ocean(they moved to Graz, Austria in the 1960’s). I grew up in Canuck land and also remember Pufnstuff(I was just talking about that show last week). I saw Star Wars in the theatre and was not allowed to see jaws and I loved and still do-ABBA. Love that you love your country. I love mine and my heritage

  10. Amy says:

    LOVE all these photos. You were one serious little brownie! 🙂

  11. RZT says:

    A great start to the A to Z challenge, I am helping behind scenes this year and visiting many blogs (so comments are short and sweet). I will say it is worth pacing yourself as posting everyday can get harder as the alphabet progresses, but I wish you the very best and many visitors. . .

    Rob Z Tobor

  12. Tanya says:

    So much fun to read and see all the pictures! ;o)

  13. Great to see you are also participating in the A to Z Challenge! As a Brit who moved to the States in 2008 I can certainly appreciate your comments. But at the same time being here for this long also makes me appreciate ‘home’ (UK) more.

  14. melanie says:

    Awesome! 😀

  15. Carolyn says:

    Great job for A! Your American life sounds like a good experience for you. And I’m glad that you will always know and love your homeland. 😀

  16. Good A, nice job.:)
    On the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

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