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I am blogging from A to Z in April!  My theme is THE WORLD AS I HAVE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED IT.  It isn’t really a travel log … although it involves a wide variety of locations!  You are invited to come along.

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Today, C is for CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee.

While Chattanooga probably isn’t on the top of most people’s list of MUST SEE destinations, it is worth taking a look at if you are in beautiful East Tennessee!

Chattanooga was my college town.  I transferred here for my Sophomore year and spent my 19th, 20th, and 21st birthdays in Chattanooga.  There are so many memories tied up in this city for me – to include some great, life-long friendships and meeting my husband (with a little help from my roommate and best friend, Tanya!!).


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If you like Civil War history, there is much to learn in Chattanooga – from the Battle of Lookout Mountain to the nearby Chickamauga Battlefield.

lookout mtn 1991

The views from Point Lookout are amazing – one can see the Tennessee River winding by the city from the pinnacle (you can ride a monorail up the mountain or drive).  My first “date” with my husband was walking and talking along the trails up there.

lookout mtn 1991-2

Chattanooga also has an aquarium (my husband proposed to me in its garden on September 21, 1992!) and an art museum.


You can also visit near by Ruby Falls and the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo (hotel and actual train cars to stay overnight in).  The Choo-Choo, of course, was made famous by the big band song by Glenn Miller in 1941.

We stayed here on the 2nd day of our honeymoon.

choo choo

I wasn’t the biggest fan of college (and couldn’t wait to graduate!) so I escaped Chattanooga as often as possible (my family and friends I grew up with lived in the nearby Knoxville area).  I had such great freedom compared to my high school life (my parents actually were living in Germany during this time – another story for another day!  Basically, they gave me a car and left the country – although I got to visit Germany during this time, too).

I held a variety of interesting jobs in Chattanooga mostly work scholarship or in retail, but it included a stint at McDonald’s, working the drive-thru (thankfully, my friend Tanya shared this misery with me and made it tolerable – that, and the apple pies and other food we got to take home after working a night shift!).

Attending a liberal arts Christian university held many positives for me – I had such a variety of professors, many had a part in forming my Christian world view – and we heard some wonderful, knowledgeable speakers in chapel services.

And of course, the fun with friends – Krispy Kreme (HOT NOW!) donuts, pizza, or Taco Bell late at night, pranks, long talks about life and guys and the future … Not sure I realized then what a carefree time in life that was despite sometimes wondering how to pay the school bill or what to major in (I changed majors twice and barely graduated on time!!).

[I miss you, Tanya – here’s another picture to remember our time together at old Temple U – my graduation day!!  I see Tim and your parents behind us, too!!]:


My college is no longer at its location – the buildings have been sold, and it has moved to another area of town under totally different leadership and philosophy … but the memories of Chattanooga, they remain dear.  I kind of became a real adult there!  Even though I can’t quite believe that was almost 22 years ago.

(source for some information and picture of city view from Lookout Mtn:  Wikipedia)

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  4. rhonda albom says:

    You are correct, Chattanooga is not on my bucket list, I didn’t even know how to spell it. Prior to today I had only heard of the Choo-choo, the rest is all new.

  5. Tanya says:

    Miss you, too, my bosom friend! This post makes me smile because college was so much fun with you as my roommate. Thank you for including me! Did I ever tell you that Tim and I stayed at the Choo-choo one year when Rob was little (and I was pregnant with G)? We were in a trolley car wreck — long story!!

  6. Hello! Love the travel theme mixed with personal experience for the A to Z. Love the name of your blog too. I’ve been to 2 out of 3 of the places you’ve posted about so far. Never Chattanooga, but I’ve been meaning to go on a road trip one of these days. I wanted to head to the west coast, since haven’t been west of the rockies yet. I have seen Memphis, which was only about a five hour drive from St. Louis, where I currently reside. I’ve been to Germany, too. Rostock is one of the coolest towns I’ve ever seen. Peace out.

  7. melanie says:

    Cool beans! {but of course!} 😉

  8. LWSpotts says:

    Love that you highlighted Chattanooga! I moved there in 2004 when I married my husband, but it’s been in the periphery of my family for years, since my grandparents lived in Collegedale. It is all that you highlight and more. I loved my time there, and have missed it a lot during the four years since we moved away.

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