F is for FAIL

I just spent an HOUR … 60 minutes … writing an emotion-filled blog post about one of my FAVORITE places on the planet … Part 2 of “F is for Frankfurt”. 


My desk top computer is apparently KA-PUTT (German for broken!) … we have the black screen of death and that is never good.

So, I painstakingly transferred a lot of my bloggy things to my laptop (thankful for back up!!).   Then I wrote up a post with pictures and facts and links …

And apparently I hit some weird button that made my unsaved draft disappear.  Part 2 of Frankfurt isn’t meant to be right now.  This story will have to wait. 

Perhaps I will find the courage tomorrow to repeat the emotions, the care, the thoughts, and the words. 

For now:  Auf Wiedersehen!

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5 Responses to F is for FAIL

  1. LWSpotts says:

    I’ve had that happen before with my blog, with a l-o-n-g paper for grad school, with business correspondence. It is a pain. Good luck with the redo.

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  3. melanie says:

    How Frustrating 😦 so sorry.
    Keep on keepin’ on! ❤

  4. Don’t let my LIKE of this post fool you into thinking that I was happy about your misfortune…I personally understand the frustration when things like this happen! Keep on keeping on and we’ll be on the letter “Z” before you know it!

  5. That’s tragic! I wish I could give you some advice on retrieving it but my tech head husband is away. He’s found stuff I thought I lost before in temporary files. You could try that 🙂
    Visiting from A-Z!

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