M is for Monterey


I have fallen a little off the A to Z Challenge bandwagon lately … but I am back today with another installment of The World as I’ve Seen and Experienced it

I would like to take you to the Pacific Coast – specifically to the central California coast and the city of Monterey.  This is where my husband and I started out our married life.  Daniel was briefly stationed at the now-closed Army post of Ft. Ord located on the Monterey Bay, and we lived here in a tiny studio apartment on the post from January to March of 1993.  Daniel had been there since September 1992 but had spent much of his time training in the “the sand box” of the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin in the Mojave Desert.   







We could glimpse the Bay from our apartment complex, and my husband spent many an early morning running in the sands of the beach with his company for P.T. 


Monterey’s most noted tourist sites are its Fisherman’s Warf, Cannery Row (made famous by CA native and author, John Steinbeck who briefly lives in Monterey but mostly resided in nearby Salinas), and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  We spent many a warm evening strolling Cannery Row as newlyweds, peeking into the shops along the way and visiting the large sea lion population who made the wharf’s boulders their home. 


Monterey was the capital of Alta California from 1777 to 1846 under both Spain and Mexico. It was the only port of entry for taxable goods in California. In 1846 the U.S. flag was raised over the Customs House, and California was claimed for the United States.

The city had California’s first theatre, public building, public library, publicly funded school, printing press, and newspaper. 


The Presidio of Monterey, located in Monterey, California, is an active US Army installation with historic ties to the Spanish colonial era. Currently it is the home of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.

We only lived in Monterey for 3 short months – but being young and free and ready for travel and adventure, we sure made the best of the time.  We saw many sites and cities within driving distance to include Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pebble Beach, San Francisco, the Pinnacles National Monument, Hearst Castle, Old Mission San Juan Bautista, Point Sur State Historic Park at Big Sur, whale watching (I’ll never eat clam chowder again …. don’t ask!!), San Diego, Los Angeles/Hollywood, and of course, Disney Land. 

We’ve talked about going back … and maybe we will one day – for an anniversary perhaps. 

(some of the above information is from wikipedia)

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    Maah-va-lous! 😀
    REally. That is a great perk to enlistment: An extended ‘working’ honeymoon in southern California! {Deployment not so much}

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