Q is for the Queen Mum


EDIT:  the A to Z Challenge has proved to be more complicated than I anticipated, not so much because I couldn’t come up with things to write about, but because a few weeks ago, our desktop computer DIED – black screen of death – and according to my son’s computer teacher, who happens to be a technological GENIUS, she says she’s never seen anything like it.  She tried to explain it to me – but it has something to do with the motherboard, perhaps.  In any case, she is going to at least try to save the pictures and documents on the computer … but meanwhile, I bought a new tower so I can keep using my monitor.  And setting that up hasn’t been easy – I don’t have Word Live Writer (which I use for blog posts) on it … so I used the Word blog version, and it won’t post to my blog.  Sad smile  So – I’ll spare you further details about issues with our wireless printer.  I got this post up on our laptop, which I guess I will use when my husband and kids aren’t home, using it, until it dies one day soon, too.  Just waiting for it!! (ever the realist, I am.).  END of edit.

I already shared a little about our trip to England in June of 1998 in my B is for Britain post for the A to Z Challenge … but today I wanted to share one more adventure we had in England, specifically in London.

We arrived in England on June 12, and on June 13, we took the bus from the Mildenhall Air Force Base, where we were staying, into London.

As we arrived by Trafalgar Square, we noticed that the streets were lined by British “bobbies” and there was no traffic on the street by Hyde Park. Crowds were gathering on the sidewalks. We were too embarrassed to ask what in the world was going on, but we decided to add ourselves to the masses waiting for … whatever.

After a while, military regiments rode by on horseback … bands played … and eventually a carriage came in sight, and the people around us went absolutely CRAZY.

Remember back in those days, I only had a film camera, and with the crowds, I really didn’t know exactly how good I was aiming my camera as I held it kind of up over the lines of people …

But I did manage to get a picture of



The celebration was actually for her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. It was the annual “Trooping the Colour”, which actually commemorates the reigning monarch’s birthday … but is celebrated in June when the British weather may be more suitable for such a parade. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday happens to be in April! It was established in 1748 by Edward VII whose own birthday was in November.

We also saw the Queen herself … however, the crowds only allowed me a picture of horses and the backs of people’s heads. L

I would tell you more about what all we saw in London … but you can google it for yourself – the British museum, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Picadilly Circus, and the Tower of London among so many more sites! We did some of our tour by red double-decker bus complete with tour guide rattling off historic facts and anecdotes.

I haven’t glimpsed a whole lot of famous people in my lifetime, but I am glad that Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (the modifier given to distinguish her from her daughter, also Queen Elizabeth) is among the list. The Queen Mum passed away in 2002, just a few months short of her 102nd birthday.


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2 Responses to Q is for the Queen Mum

  1. melanie says:

    Quite the coincidence! {alliteration by sound at least..ahem}
    Our very own little Queen E {with an S} was BORN on June 13, 1998! {aka, the Cowgirl} 😀

    As far as your continued computer woes, I think our first hard drive failure was one December in the midst of my Christmas letter preparations… :p arrgh. I feel for you, I do!

  2. sarasamomx5 says:

    Sorry about your computer. That has to be my worst nightmare. I don’t know what I’d do. I’m thinking of getting one of those moveable drives and putting all my pictures on it. That way when the computer dies I won’t curl up in my bed sucking my thumb. 😀

    Sounds like a really neat thing to happen upon this parade. I love it when unplanned things like that happen…on vacation. 🙂

    Hope you guys are doing well. I’m on Word Press now so I subscribed on my feed so hopefully I can be a better reader. 🙂

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