Two Cities–Two Flavors


In an attempt to gain some ground in my A to Z Challenge (which was supposed to have ended in April!), I am giving you all a 2-for-1 today, which isn’t really giving either of these cities their fair due … but based on my own time constraints, this is it:

R is for Rome … and Rome is so extensively amazing and full of historical information, that I can’t even begin to share anything about it.  It must be seen, tasted, and read about for one’s self.  To stand in buildings constructed in ancient times and to imagine who all came through its doors is just something I can barely describe.  Not to mention the great beauty of the city – fountains and piazzas and cafés and flowers and interesting people …


Daniel and I were able to go on a 9 Cities in 7 days tour of Italy in August of 1997.  The weather was gorgeous, and the sights were amazing!  (Coliseum above)


We also went to Vatican City one day and toured the Vatican (guided tour … and interesting fact:  there is a dress code to tour the Vatican – women MUST wear skirts/dresses and no one is to wear tank tops and other less modest attire!).  One of the women in our tour group had had a little too much to drink the night before when our tour stopped at a restaurant with complimentary wine … and she got sick IN THE VATICAN!!  How’d you like to be known for that!!?! 

The Sistine Chapel is just amazing … to imagine Michaelangelo, lying on a scaffolding on his back, painting the Hand of God on its ceiling is just almost incomprehensible. 

Other cities we visited in Italy were equally as beautiful – Venice (gondolas!  St. Marcos Square), Sorrento (a city on the sea), the Isle of Capri (only accessible by boat), Pompeii, Assissi, Florence, and Pisa …



Austria has a flavor that is very different than Italy.  Italy is warm, vibrant, bustling, and loud.  Austria seems to be more calm, classic, charming, and thoughtful. 

S is for Salzburg.

A college friend and I visited Salzburg, Austria, in May of 1998 when she came to Germany to visit me/us.  She wanted to see the sites of the “Sound of Music” which was filmed in Salzburg, of course.  Salzburg is also where Mozart lived and worked; his house can be toured. 

Salzburg has its own castle on the hill …and the Alps surrounding the city make it feel majestic.  Salzburg was definitely charming – street musicians played classical music on its squares, and the street market offered the most delicious-looking produce and fresh flowers.  This is one city I’d love to go back to and take my husband and kids this time!

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  1. melanie says:

    *from his Med cruises. ahem.

  2. melanie says:

    Roma! Italy was Tim’s favorite place it seems form his Med cruises — one he used to talk of Returning to at least.

    Salzburg Sounds like Such Sweet Serenity… 😀

    {{You, my friend, have seen MUCH of Europe & the USA!}}

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