Ordinary Day

Hello, Blog.

I miss you.  I will finish that A to Z Challenge some day!!  I promise!

Technology makes me crazy these days.  I got a new computer tower after our old one just flat out died … but setting up a “new” computer stinks.  I miss so many things that the old one had:  saved pictures, Live Writer, and cookies that would allow me to go where I wanted to go without remembering passwords and locations.  😦  My printer still isn’t talking to the new tower.  😦

In the big-time blogging world, you aren’t supposed to blog without adding picture or clip art, but today I just offer you a few words.

These words are just to remember this ordinary day when I was an ordinary Hausfrau – with just my limited technology at hand.

It was a quiet morning:  my husband took the big kids off to school (actually field day at a local family’s farm) and the 4 year-old slept in (hallelujah).  I think I kind of dozed off and on between thoughts and prayers until she came into my room announcing, “The sunshine came out!”

A simple breakfast today – some natural applesauce and a fruit-and-grain bar.  Coffee for me.  MiMi worked on a puzzle and allowed me to continue my quiet thoughts.  Much to contemplate and plan in the coming days:  school is ending, there are a few kind of important appointments-issues coming up, my mom is coming in 3 weeks, and summer plans.  Things I need to work on:  some business to take care of over the phone, on the internet.  Budgets to be worked out.  [This one is most frustrating to me.  😦 ]

Soon enough, believe it or not – it was lunch time.  Several loads of laundry had changed machines … I killed a black widow spider (if you follow me on facebook or IG, you can see it!!!!).  A sandwich and some veggie sticks.  Simple, ordinary – but so enjoyable when most days are hectic and on-the-run to get here, get there, pick up this and that, take someone here or there.

Now it is time to get the big kids from school, to hear about their field day and what all they did and ate and who they talked to.  More laundry is churning.  There are stacks of paper that have been sorted.  A few phone calls made.   Ground beef is thawing for dinner tonight – nothing fancy, just tater tot casserole.  Ordinary but warm, filling, and a family favorite.

I wish I could be an ordinary Hausfrau every day … quietly puttering around my little world, creating calm in the chaos, making messy places clean and neat.  But life with kids, with family, with church and school – it gets so busy.

And so, today was special despite the ordinary.  These are the days I will look back and probably miss the most.


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2 Responses to Ordinary Day

  1. Tanya says:

    Wow, so true!! I like that way of thinking………..making the ordinary special (or viewing it that way)!

  2. melanie says:

    Happy Ordinary Monday to you!

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