Happy Homemaker Monday– 5/19/2014


It has been a while since I wrote up a HHM post … It has been a long time since I felt like I’ve been organized enough to gather and share my day.  Things have been a little jumbled here this past week, but with only 2 more weeks of school for the big kids and MiMi done with preschool now, hopefully, maybe, things will settle down just a little, if only until the next chain of events hits!

As I look outside my window:::

After a chilly weekend, today is finally sunny again!! The temps are supposed to get up to 83 degrees this week!! 

Right now I am:::

Enjoying my favorite morning of the week:  Monday!!  Big kids are off to school … MiMi is playing after sleeping in.  I’ve had some coffee, some quiet time, and even wrote out a menu plan AND grocery list!! 

Thinking and pondering:::

about summer.  We have lots of plans and things we’d like to do:  get Drew into a driver’s ed course, MOVE into a house in July, finish my pharmacy tech certification, and somehow take a family vacation! 

On my bedside table:::

a paperback novel/suspense by Lisa Jackson

On my tv this week:::

No big plans … probably just a lot of baseball

I do have one more episode of The Flame Trees of Thika to watch (takes place in 1913 in Kenya, Africa and stars a grown-up Haley Mills)

Listening to:::

Curious George  Smile 

On the menu for this week:::

Monday – cabbage roll casserole

Tuesday – bratwurst, red cabbage, and fried potatoes

Wednesday – lasagna, salad, and bread

Thursday – crockpot bean & bacon soup (with northern beans), this is Sandra’s recipe

Friday – gyros

Saturday – I will actually be HOME ALONE all day!!  Daniel is taking the kids to his parents’ house so I can clean because my mom is coming a week from Thursday.  Smile 

On my to do list:::

Call around about driver’s ed courses (at the high school?  private lessons??)

Respond to a lot of graduation announcements that we’ve received.  I am OVERWHELMED at how many of my friends’ and family’s kids are graduating from high school or college  this year!!!   I have 2 nieces graduating from college, who I remember when they were born.  *sigh*  Also several weddings of girls I know coming in June. 

Keep working through my pharmacy tech course (a lot of information – just learned about POISONS which makes me NERVOUS!!!) – I’m on Lesson 11 of 27 total lessons.  The state certification will be the bigger deal, which happens when I am done. 

Happening this week:::
a quick trip to Oklahoma (1 1/2 hours away) on Wednesday for an audiology appointment for my husband (at a VA clinic, ironic because he WORKS AT a VA hospital right here … but they have no appointments for this!)

Annie-Belle has a field trip on Tuesday – and I work my last 2 days in the school cafeteria this week (next week is just sandwiches and easy-to-serve lunches).  School days are winding down!!!

My simple pleasure:::

Doing something for myself when my “chores” are done … or in between for a little motivational break.  Reading a few pages in my book, reading a few blogs, catching up on facebook.  Having a cup of tea or coffee.

Homemaking tips:::

As I mentioned above, motivational breaks help me get through things.  I am definitely someone who likes to work first and play later.  Sadly, I sometimes miss out on my play time because when I am done working, someone needs me to spend time with them or I am just too tired to do anything … so I often do something fun between jobs instead of waiting until it is ALL done … because it will NEVER all be done anyway. 

Looking around the house:::

other than being a little dusty, my house is looking fairly neat. 
Guess I need to add “dust” to my chore list!!

From the camera:::

from Miriam’s K-3 program (the students were little lambs).  She can say all of Psalm 23 … which was the theme for the program. 



Prayer List:::

3 friends are undergoing chemotherapy THIS WEEK (one for br-ast cancer, one for ovarian cancer, and one for extensive cancer); also my friend who had leukemia, then lung cancer, has br-ast cancer too … lumpectomy this Friday. 



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