Daybook – 6/9/2014

Outside my window…
It’s dark now … we had a very rainy, gray day here today.
I am thinking…
about our summer plans:
Today Drew attended a teen volunteer orientation; he will be volunteering at the VA hospital a few hours, one day a week this summer.  He also needs to get signed up for driver’s education.
Anna continues her theater class, and she has her first “showcase” on June 20.  She signed up to help with our church’s VBS the first week of July.
Both big kids will go to church camp in July, too.
MiMi is just busy … She kind of tags along wherever we go, hoping for a stop at a park or the library or her other favorite places to go!  🙂  She doesn’t know it yet, but her grandparents invited her (only!) to go camping with them in their motor home next week for 3 days!
I am thankful…
that the first school year here is OVER – successfully over.  Actually, we haven’t yet gotten the kids’ report cards, but I am fairly sure they both passed on to the next grade level!!
In the kitchen…
My mom was here last week … she cooked for us a lot!!  🙂  She made a tomato pie one night (fresh tomatoes, onions, smothered in a cheesy mix) that was (unexpectedly) good!!
I am wearing…
my work day clothes … nothing fancy.  The minimal make-up and hair up in a ponytail.
I am creating…
???????????? nothing!!!!!!!!
I am going…
on vacation in about 11 days!!!!  A real family vacation – just me and my favorite 4 people.  Not staying with extended family – just going AWAY together.  We were able to do this the week after Christmas, and it was SO relaxing!!  With my husband’s “new” job, we finally have the time to do this again!  🙂
I am wondering…
where we’ll be living come July 31st.  :-O
I have officially given notice that we will be out of our duplex by then!!
I am reading…
some paperback I picked up at Goodwill.  Lately, I’ve only been able to read a few pages before I fall asleep.
I am hoping…
we find a house to rent that we love enough to live in for a few years.  In fact, I found one today that has great potential – but I have to call to see if it truly suits us and is available when we need it.   Daniel prayed with me over the listing … so God’s will be done!  If not this one, I’m not in “panic mode” yet.
I am looking forward to…
VACATION … Where to?  The Gulf Coast side of Texas!   We’ll be staying about an hour from Houston and 2 hours from Galveston.
I am learning
to hold loosely to my hopes and dreams.  While I know God often gives a person a “vision” or a talent to use – something they know for sure is God’s will; in other less spiritual things – like where to live, what vocation to pursue, or the details of our material purchases – seem a little less clear.
I know I am called to be a wife and mother – obviously, because God gave me a husband and children!
However, the other things I am up to (taking a pharmacy tech course, looking for a house to rent, or planning our vacation) don’t seem so clear.  Will God provide the job with just the hours I need or will I be miserable and hate working again?!
As for our house, does God really care about what I want vs. what I need??  Having lived in a temporary rental duplex for almost a year now, I am trying to learn to not hinge my happiness on where I live … I’ve learned I don’t need much to function (and truly, we have SO MUCH more than I ever need!!) … but will I ever have more conveniences and space that Americans seem to take for granted – or is my lot in life to always live with less and learn contentment?
This article is to blame for my recent pondering (that, and the unknown of the future!!).
Given my tendency to OVER THINK EVERYTHING, I think I’ll stick to what an old song I like says,
I’m “Doing my best and pray that it’s blessed … He will take care of the rest!
Around the house…
trying to keep things orderly and simple, knowing we’ll be packing up and moving soon!!
I am pondering…
how life will be once I get a job, if I get a job.  Meanwhile I’m continually working on my pharmacy tech course.  Today I scored a 95% on the pharmacy math quiz (a dreaded thing for me!!), and I could have scored higher but I actually SKIPPED a question (I knew the answer to!!) by mistake.
A favorite quote for today…
One of my favorite things…
time alone.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Andrew got a TB test today and has to get it checked at the VA on Wednesday.
I have a dentist appointment on Thursday.
Otherwise, this week is happily FREE for us to do whatever we feel like doing!  🙂
A peek into my day…
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One Response to Daybook – 6/9/2014

  1. Ruth says:

    I’ll be praying that God will provide a place large enough for you to feel at home. I know what you’re saying… wondering if you will always need to just be content with what you have. Of course the answer is “yes”, but God loves us and He does give us our hearts desire on many, many occasions. I’m praying He does that for you this time.

    Tomato casserole is a dish I make a lot in the summer. I put a layer of sliced buttered bread, butter side down in a baking dish, then layer slices of tomato, onion and chedder cheese topped off with buttered bread crumbs. It needs to bake till it’s all bubbly and brown on the top. Yum. I do this when we have a bumper crop of tomatoes and sometimes I put it into the grill covered with foil along with some chicken or some other meat. This makes a delicious summer meal. Yum… now I’m hungry 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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