A World Cup Day

This isn’t a part of my AtoZ Challenge or anything else too interesting but I am just writing down a memory …


Today in the Sports World, the German national team plays Portugal in the 2014 World Cup – their first game in their bracket (which also includes the USA and Ghana).  It is also the German team’s 100th appearance in a World Cup game.

Soccer has bonded me to my son.  He too likes soccer and even used his own money to buy the ESPN FC 2014 World Cup Guide (those things are CRAZY expensive compared to a ladies’ mag such as Woman’s Day!).   So, here he and I sit, chewing our fingernails as we watch. (edit:  at the 35 minute mark – Germany leads 2-0)

This brings back so many memories of World Cup games of my past.  Sadly, no pictures … but I do have a scrapbook that I put together in 1986 – World Cup in Mexico.  I was always in Germany when the World Cup games were going on when I was a child (The World Cup happens in the summer, every 4 years).  Watching World Cup games – especially, of course, when Germany was playing – cleared the streets because EVERYONE was watching on their TVs or the TVs of family or the local pub.  I remember the silence outside when a game was on; and the shouting one could hear through various open windows when the home team scored.

In 1986, Germany made it to the final game … and lost 2-3 against Argentina and its most famous player, Diego Maradona.  The game was played on June 29.  My Opa died on July 5, 1986, of a heart attack.  So, this World Cup series – and watching it with him – is one of my final memories of him.

Another memorable World Cup series happened in 1998.  My husband and I were stationed in Germany at the time, and I again watched those World Cup games on German TV stations.  I was pregnant with my son, who is today watching the World Cup with me (on American TV with British announcers).

In 1998, the World Cup was held in France.  The German team was knocked out very early by the Croatian team, a HUGE disappointment, especially as they lost 0-3.  The excitement for World Cup kind of died for me then, but we did watch the final game on July 2 – France won 3-0 over Brazil.

This year is really the first time in a long, long time that I’ve again followed German soccer and the World Cup this closely.  But it makes it more fun because I am doing it with my son.




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  1. melanie says:

    Recording memories is a great reason to post! I am paying attention to the World Cup b/c this Thurs there’s a game in Fortaleza where we have missionaries {where 3 of our kids traveled to a few years ago}

  2. babstig says:

    We were in Germany for a World Cup and loved driving around honking my horn! Lol

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