A Tale of 2 Houses

Be warned:  MiMi is “camping” with her grandparents since Sunday night – and depending on how things go, she is either coming home tomorrow or Wednesday.  Her absence has left me with an incredible amount of time on my hands … and in my head!!  I am somewhat at a loss even while I am enjoying my new-found freedom with only teenagers in the house (who can do EVERYTHING by themselves!!?!).


So, anyway, my brain is in overdrive … and I’ve already driven my husband crazy with this – and I have no real friends here to speak of (ie close enough friends who truly UNDERSTAND me and our situation).  And so, I turn to my bloggy friends and the internet world for some writing therapy.  Feel free to click away NOW.

As you know, if you follow my life’s journey, we have given notice on our rented duplex and will be moving out by July 31.  We did this with NO housing prospects in sight because the property management company required a 60 day notice to move out without any of their ridiculous penalties….

And we’ve decided it is just time to rent a real house – one with a yard and no shared walls.

Spoiled American family??  Yes, we are.  This duplex is small but adequate, and financially, we might should just stay put here another year.  However, I long to feel settled again … in our duplex I still feel like I’m in temporary housing – which in truth I am!  I want a yard and a bigger kitchen and space to spread out and a neighborhood where families live – not disabled folks on subsidized housing income and college students (which is what our neighbors on both sides are now).

It is time to move.  Logical or not.

And my question is:  is God obligated to go along with my materialistic choices??  How do I dare ask Him to help me with this wish??!  Is this “want” on my behalf a “need” He promises to provide?

I guess I’ve never been good at asking for things … especially for things I feel like I don’t deserve.  Like a nice home.  Yes, my husband works hard … 50-60 hours most weeks!  But moving right now really isn’t the wisest financial decision given the past few years of going backwards.  However, as my very kind, understanding and benevolent husband says sometimes security and happiness is worth more than money … even while we need to learn to be content (and thankful) with what we have.

And while I know in time God WILL provide a house for us because

1.  I know HE CAN.

2.  As a good Father, He delights in helping us.  And

3.  He does answer prayer according to His will.

I also realize there are consequences for our choices.  And so, I am now praying for God to SHOW US exactly what to do and where to live.  And believe me, my husband isn’t near as concerned as I am, and he’s attempted to talk me down from this crazy thinking already!!

BUT from a woman’s perspective (men, leave this blog now!), do you get what I’m saying?!  I just long to have a real home again … even if it means not eliminating our debts as quickly as we’d like.

Daniel says just look at our options, pray for guidance, and keep looking for open doors.  Don’t mourn over the closed ones.

So, here is where I stand today:  2 perspective rentals …

What do YOU think is better:

1.  an older home (built in 1980) that is *LARGE* but ugly!  4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a finished basement.

front-azelea ter



the kitchen is big and plain but very workable.


The bathrooms are KILLING ME with ugliness but we’d have 3 of them!!

(This is the nicest looking bath!)

bath - azelea tr



2.  a slightly smaller home with 3 bedrooms that is newer and BEAUTIFUL!

porch-ferguson ave


(I have this thing for front porches …)

and stainless appliances, I just don’t feel worthy!!!  LOL  I don’t even have an in-freezer ice maker right now … what LUXURY!


My heart wants the PRETTY HOUSE … the newer, sparkly house!  But my head says get the SPACE … a bedroom for each kid, a huge basement.

What would YOU want?!  Plus what else must one consider??  My husband and I have already talked about utility costs (possibly higher for a bigger home – and the newer home has a heat pump).

Oh, and both homes are in the SAME NEIGHBORHOOD, within a 1/4 a mile of each other!!  It is a great location – right in the middle of where my hubby works and our kids’ school/church … the same side of town we already live in.

AND rent is practically the same for both houses.

Oh well, I guess time will tell … if we get one house, the other, or a different home entirely!

Thanks for listening!

PS  This will probably be a disappearing blog post in a few days because this isn’t exactly a post that I want to remember in the years ahead!!  😉




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8 Responses to A Tale of 2 Houses

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  2. Tanya says:

    BTW, I agree you should keep the post up so that you can go back and be reminded of the Lord’s provision.

  3. Tanya says:

    Newer house is probably more energy efficient………just my first thought (having learned that recently!!! Utility bill so much better even in this larger space). I agree with what Rebecca D says in a lot of ways, but I also agree with Melanie’s comment to “let Dan’s discernment prevail!” Looks like you are getting good advice here!! Sharing a room is not a bad thing either. Have you let the kids give you their thoughts? We always allow them to chime in, reminding them it is not necessarily going to completely influence the decision. I will write more later to you personally about something I recently heard about God’s will. Very interesting! Hang in there, and I will be praying.

  4. babstig says:

    You need to keep the post up and remember Gods blessings from this time. I would make the depiction based on utilities. You should be able to get a list of the last years utilities for both locations. I like the house with space and a basement. That’s my vote. 🙂

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  5. sarasamomx5 says:

    I go small. Less to clean. And the porch is too much of a perk to pass by. 🙂 Praying for your decision. Sara.

  6. melanie says:

    The front porch is calling… Come home!

    {Remember I grew up sharing a bedroom with my sister who is 6.5 years older than me – sharing is a good thing, just not always easy. But I also learned a hard lesson in ‘having’ to have a different and a particular house… Let Dan’s discernment prevail! May God give you His best.}

  7. Rebecca D says:

    Go with the newer house… Hands down easiest choice. It is crystal clear from your post you like it more and really want to live there so in the end you will be happier there. The Lord calls us all to hospitality and I know from experience I am much more likely to have people into our home if I don’t hate it! Husbands generally don’t care about things like ugly bathrooms and such but we women folk do care so go with it! Plus in the end I think you will save money with newer appliances & the heat pump! It is not a sin to want or have nice things…

  8. Amy says:

    Tough choice! What about the yards? Are the houses BOTH considerably larger than where you are now? Could you get some info from the property management or power company about the average heating and cooling bills over the past couple of years?
    I’m afraid I might just go with the bigger, less-attractive house. Or I might go with the smaller one…I’m such a sucker for kitchens. 🙂
    I pray you’ll find which one of these is right for you….or perhaps even a different one you haven’t even seen yet that’s even better!!

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