Signs and Consequences?!


I’ve been to see the rental house that my heart really, really wants twice now (yesterday with Annie Belle and tonight with Daniel, Andrew, and Miriam).   Believe me, I’ve surveyed my friends and talked to several people -and some have told me the advantages of a BIG, old house with a basement, especially when you have teenagers … but my heart, it wants the cute, smaller house … and by smaller, I mean it is 1,700 sq feet, practically a mansion compared to what we are living in now!!

(I’ve tried to call the property manager about the bigger, older house many times with NO answer – and when I finally got an answer was told to fill out a form to request a viewing per email- which I did – but so far, 3 or 4 days later, NO ONE has contacted me!)

porch-ferguson ave


Plus, this newer house’s porch reminds me just a little bit of a porch we left behind in Missouri!

house - missouri

Of course, I don’t want to set my heart on this house too tightly because I realize it still may not be “the one” for us … but somehow, I feel like it just might be.  I am scared to say that too boldly as I know God knows better than I do … but we’re filling out the application and seeing what happens next!  :-O

Don’t you sometimes wish God could just give us a definite sign!!??  Our pastor has recently been preaching on the story of Gideon in the book of Judges.  He asked God for a sign by setting out a fleece – twice!  And God graciously obliged him by answering his request.  While I’m not really asking for a sign, I’m just asking God for some confirmation!  Of course, the final confirmation will be when/if we sign a lease agreement in 2 weeks … but until then, I see so many things that would provide for some of our needs and a few of my wishes!

For example,


the landlord of this house has recently married (she was a 42 year old single woman and this her first marriage!), and her husband had a fully furnished home that they moved into.  So, she is leaving all her appliances in this house.   To include her washer and dryer (which we can use or store in her shed) … and guess what?!  My W/D set that we bought in 2001 is slowly but surely DYING (not dead yet – but the dryer takes over an hour to dry a load of clothes; the spin cycle on the washer usually has to run twice to get the water out of the clothes).

She’d also leave us her lovely front porch furniture and the propane grill in the backyard.  We gave away our propane grill and sold our porch furniture when we left Missouri.



Isn’t the backyard lovely?!  A little bunny was back there when we came by tonight – and a cardinal and various birds were flying around.  Miriam was thrilled!  Since  we are NOT yard/garden people, this little patch of green is plenty for us city dwellers!  (The front yard is nice too – and the whole lot is FLAT!!!  You can only imagine how wonderful that is to us if you’ve seen the hills our previous homes have been on!!)

There was an older, very godly woman at our last church who told me, as we were leaving, “God will bless you for your decisions.”  (I think she meant for leaving the church as quietly and non-confrontationally as possible?) … and I always thought He did bless us by providing for us this last year and for giving Daniel favor and a small promotion at his job and little things like that.  But I never expected any big favors and figured we’d have to work very hard to gain back any possessions we left behind when we downsized.

But kind of like with Job (but not really since he lost EVERYTHING near and dear to him), if we get this house, God will be giving us back some things we left behind … and then some!  Physical – material things.  We’ve already reaped many other blessings in that our family survived the last 18 months transition whole and strong!  It wasn’t easy – but we did this TOGETHER.  Sometimes one or the other of us were sad or discouraged or lonely … but in the end, our family has adjusted to everything and seen that God’s will was best.

Two other things got my attention about this house … one is that I’ve always wanted a Keurig coffee maker.  I just never bought one – they are still pretty frivolous considering our current budget (and I hear coffee pods can get pricey too?!).  There was even a time, a few years ago, when Drew – in his little 11 or 12 year old way – offered to save enough money to buy me one!  Anyway, in this house, the landlord said she was leaving her Keurig machine – and we could use it or just store it away … If I get this house, I’d have a Keurig!!

My husband thinks I’m crazy with all my “signs” and ideas … well, not really crazy, but he is logical enough to remind me that this may all just be me making things fit into my wishes because I really, really want this house!

But I told him that he sure couldn’t deny that when we walked up to the front door tonight, we both noticed that the doormat that was there already has our family’s initial “H” on it!


Coincidence??  I hope not!


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6 Responses to Signs and Consequences?!

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  2. Rebecca D says:

    I will continue to pray that you will get this house!

  3. Tanya says:

    Funny you should bring up the story of Gideon. That was the Bible lesson I was just reminded of when it came to knowing God’s will. I do think that written signs/billboards (what I want ) from Him would be a plus, and I think you may just be getting some (come on: an “H” on the doormat………..that can’t just be a coincidence. No luck or coincidences with our God of order!!). Jesus was flesh! He knows our struggles and concerns. The Father enjoys giving us good gifts even more than we enjoy doing it for our children. Please do not forget that! I agree with moving on until He tells you otherwise. If, for some reason, this isn’t the house, He will bless you with something even better. He loves you, He loves you, He loves you!!!! (sometimes I need that reminder to get past some of the legalism of the past. LOL)

  4. melanie says:

    Repeat after me, Not my will but Thine. 😀
    Excited and hopeful with you!!!!

  5. Ruth says:

    God has been known to give us the desires of our heart. I’m still praying. It looks like a nice house and He’ll open the door if it’s in His will for you.

  6. Amy says:

    Wow! I’d say, so far, ALL signs point to this house. 🙂
    If it were me, I’d pursue it, and be praying for God to send a big stop sign if it’s not the right one!
    Hoping this one works out, or the one you don’t know about yet is even better!! 🙂

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