X is for teXas



Chugging along in my A to Z challenge … just two more letters to go!

My blog post today is inspired by our family vacation this week.  We are in supposed-to-be sunny-but-right-now-it-is-raining Texas.


Texas isn’t unfamiliar to me.  My husband started his active duty Army career in San Antonio, which is the home of the Medical Service Corps at Ft. Sam Houston.  This is where he attended his Office Basic Course (OBC) in 1992 as well as where we moved as a married couple from July to December of 1995 to attend his Officer Advanced Course (OAC).

Because OAC was a short term school, I didn’t have a job during that time, and we were free most weekends to explore the area.  Also, my step brother was stationed at nearby Lackland Air Force Base, so I was able to reconnect with my family.

We loved the Riverwalk, the Alamo, the missions in the surrounding area (and the Mexican food!!!) – and because we were young and child-free, we could afford to go to Splashtown, Fiesta Texas, and Sea World!  We also hiked in the nearby Hill Country.  We also went to surrounding areas such as Boerne, the German-themed city Fredricksburg (and home of Admiral Nimitz), and Lydon B. Johnson’s ranch nearby.





We again lived in Texas about 6 weeks when Dan went to his Army Patient Administrator’s Course upon returning from Germany in January of 1996.  Actually Drew – who was just 4 months old – and I lived with Daniel’s parents who were temporarily living in a retirement community in “The Valley”- South Texas.  Because of this time, we were able to see Daniel every weekend as well as explore South Texas:  McAllen, Brownsville, Padre Island, and Progresso, MeXico.

Currently we are staying about a 45 minute drive from Houston on Lake Conroe.  While we went to Houston once before to visit a cousin who was doing a residency there, we have never been past Houston as we have now.




On Monday, we drove through Houston and on to the Gulf Coast to Galveston.

Galveston was interesting, but I can’t say I can boast about Texas’s lovely beaches!

This sign greeted us at the entrance to the Galveston State Park beach.



We were told that Galveston was having a bit of a “seaweed problem” … and they weren’t kidding!!  The seaweed lay all along the coast line!  It was pretty gross … but you could walk over it and still get into the water.

Perhaps the seaweed kept a lot of other potential beach goers away and gave us practically a private beach of our own!




We did find a little patch of sand and built a sand castle.



After the beach experience, we drove over a causeway to Sea Wolf Park where we explored a World War II destroyer and a submarine.




Of course, Texas is a pretty big … and there is much more to it then I have mentioned!!

On our honeymoon, we drove from Tennessee to California – and we took I-10 from one end of the the state to the other and saw several interesting sites along the way, and also found out that one does NOT want to have a flat tire in West Texas … on New Year’s Day!  (Thankfully, we found ONE service station that was semi-open – or at least the owner was there – and he actually sold us a tire for a fairly reasonable price!).



I have enjoyed all the parts of Texas that I’ve stayed in (aside from West Texas – although El Paso at the end of the line is a neat city!).  We have many memories of this state … to include my husband deploying to Iraq from Ft. Hood, an Army post near Kileen where I drove to surprise him with a weekend visit just before he left!! 🙂

Also, I never knew this – maybe you did -but Texas is the only state that is allowed to fly its state flag at the same level as the American flag.  It has something to do with them having been an independent country once upon a time or something like that.  Obviously, Texas history isn’t my strong suite!


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  1. I spent some time in Corpus Christi, TX when my son-in-law was stationed there. My first grandbaby was born there.

  2. melanie says:

    !!!!!.eXclamation points seem to fit teXas.!!!!! 🙂
    My parents had their first home together in Kileen siXty years ago courtesy of the US Army!

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