Open Doors – Closed Doors

In a lot of our big life decisions recently, we’ve just asked God for “open doors – closed doors”.  And He has done just that:  He closed the door on us moving to Nashville (to a state I know and love!) and opened the door for us to move to Northwest Arkansas (a place we’d never been, let alone imagined living in!).   He closed the door on the ministry and opened the door to a new career path.  And so figuratively, we closed the door on our much loved home in Missouri and moved away.

house - missouri (2)

In the last few weeks, we’re looking for a literal open door to a new home for our family after living in a rented duplex for a year (as of July 31st anyway).  After months of searching the internet from craigslist to realtor sites to and driving aimlessly around subdivisions and areas I like, looking for “For Rent” signs, we had a good idea of what a house like we want in this area costs and where we’d like to live.

That knowledge narrowed it down to 2 seemingly compatible and reasonable choices of houses that seemed available at the time we needed it.  The one house – an older, ugly house with plenty of space for everyone to have a place of their own – was through a realtor.  Try as I might – for the last 2+ weeks, we’ve been trying to see the inside of this house.  I’ve emailed, called, and even filled out an application to view the home and sent it to 2 different contacts listed.  Nothing happened.

Then as I was driving by the above mentioned house one day a few weeks ago, I saw a small sign – not even poster-sized – at the side of the road in the same neighborhood “House for Rent”.  I followed the sign but either missed a clue or a turn off – but finally found the cutest “little” house ever!   As I emailed for information, I got a pretty immediate response – and when I said the rent was too high for our budget, the owner offered to come down in price!   Soon, I saw the inside of the house (and loved it!!) and then my husband and all the kids did … and last Friday, we turned in the application to rent it.

The owner had hoped to make a decision on us last week while we were on vacation but ran into some glitches with getting a credit report on us because she is doing a private rental, not working through a property manager (only a business can request a credit check).  I helped her while I was in Texas to get a hold of our credit scores, etc. which are by the grace of God alone very good.  A miracle in and of itself considering all the financial setbacks of the last 2 years that we have paid every bill we had on time …

As we drove home from Texas yesterday (Friday), we got a call from the realty company that was handling the larger, older home:  were we still interested?  Did we want to see it?  So, of course, we said YES.  Just to be sure – to reassure ourselves that it wasn’t a good choice for us after all … or maybe it was?!  We scheduled to see that house on Monday.  However, a few moments after we’d settled that, the receptionist called back.  A realtor in their firm was actually already working on an application for that house, and it was no longer available after all.  Door closed.

The last step to opening up this door for our family to rent the cute, smaller house happened today when we met with the owner and her husband to sign authorization for them to do a background check.  Unless I am living in a Lifetime movie, and my husband is leading an evil, secret double life that I have no knowledge of, the background investigation shouldn’t have any ill findings … not even a speeding ticket for either of us!


We hope to know something by Monday night at the earliest, Tuesday at the latest – because we need to plan or we’ll be homeless, and the owners need to get someone in their house (they said they have had A LOT of requests for information – is it a consequence that we were their very FIRST inquiry?!?!).  So, now we are offering our final prayer for a clear open door … or a clear closed one.  Thanks to all who have offered prayers or advice while we search and wait!

Stay tuned to see if the door opens … or is slammed shut.




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  1. babstig says:

    Keep me posted!

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  2. Rebecca D says:

    Still Praying!!! 🙂

  3. melanie says:

    I truly think you will get a positive answer this week! Praise the Lord! YAY! 😀

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