Happy Homemaker Monday – 6/30/14


Have I mentioned that I love Mondays?!?!  Perhaps I won’t so much any more when I am working again, but as a SAHM, I love Mondays after a weekend spent with my family (which I also love); but as an introvert, I need the quiet and routine of a Monday after dealing with all my people!!  😉

And can I just say:  REALLY!?!?!?!  June is almost OVER?!!   Where did the time go!?

This Monday I am joining Sandra for HHM again.

As I look outside my window:::

I see SUNSHINE!!  It is 82° degrees right now, high of 90° forecasted for today.

Right now I am::: 

Enjoying a cup of coffee – just had oatmeal and the yummiest peach (on sale at Aldi right now!!).

Thinking and pondering:::
I dropped Drew off this morning to help at his school.  He goes to Christian school here that has about 240 students, and we have a new principal (someone familiar to the school/church associated with the school however, not a completely new face).  Anyway, he and his wife (who will be one of the school secretaries) are SO excited about EVERYTHING going on around the school and for the new school year ahead.  It brings back very bittersweet memories of when Dan and I (who were just about their age when we started as a new school administrator and secretary!) were SO excited about EVERYTHING going on around the school where we worked for 7 years (him) and 9 years (me).  Every new school year – the new books, the new students, the returning families, the new classroom ideas, fresh paint on the walls, reconfiguring schedules, and decorating hallways … it was so full of hopes and dreams to be making a difference in someone’s life, to provide a Christian education, to serve God in that ministry.  And now, it is someone else’s turn to do that instead.  But the memories of it are good.

On my bedside table:::
I just finished Francine River’s The Scarlet Thread … and now I am moving on to a less edifying book by James Patterson – the 12th in his series of the Women’s Murder Club.

On my tv this week:::

We aren’t much on TV watching … but I am watching some DVDs.  I want to catch up on PBS’s Doc Marten.  My mom introduced me to this show while she was here, and I like it!!   Thankfully, our library carries this series.  I also want to reserve all the Call the Midwife dvds since I only have caught random episodes on TV.   My Annie-belle has discovered Larkrise to Candleford so I am re-watching that series with her.  Although on our recent vacation, she found all the seasons of Full House (yes, the old 1980’s show!) at a bookstore and BEGGED to have them … and she’s busy catching up on my teen years.  😉

Listening to:::
SILENCE … my girls are still asleep after a week’s vacation last week and a weekend of enjoying being back at home.

On the menu for this week:::

I actually made a menu for the week!!!  I am so proud of me!  😉  Although I will admit this is more out of necessity than my pleasure:  we need to move this month plus the older kids are going to church camp plus we just had a week of vacation – and the budget is super TIGHT … so no eating out for us at all this month, if at all possible.

Monday:  cheeseburger salad

Tuesday:  spaghetti and meat sauce, garlic toast, salad

Wednesday:  tacos (yes, lots of ground beef meals – but it is what we have in the freezer right now!)

Thursday:  potato soup with bread from bread machine (home-made)

Friday:  4th of July – picnic with church – need to bring something … potentially black bean salsa (<– link for recipe)


On my to do list:::
laundry as per usual – but happily because there was a washer/dryer in our vacation apartment last week, we came home with CLEAN CLOTHES!

Make lists for the upcoming move (change of address, switch services, what moves over to the house first, etc)
Happening this week:::

HOPEFULLY, PRAYERFULLY, we find out today or tomorrow if we are MOVING into this cute little house I’ve fallen in love with.  You can read about our decision-making process in previous posts, if you haven’t already and are so inclined.  I have a feeling THIS IS IT, but I hate to get my hopes up!

porch-ferguson ave

We need to start moving SOMEWHERE by July 15th or that week anyway.  We have to be OUTTA HERE (our current rental duplex) by July 31st.

What I am creating:::

color schemes for my new living room just in case we move … LOL!!  (ok, so I have my hopes UP really high!)  It is a little bit of a different direction in color than we’ve had before as the fireplace is gray-ish bricks and the walls are light yellow.  I don’t really want to paint such a large space, so I’m trying to go with what we have – but add a few simple things to make our current furniture work.

the fireplace with owner’s furniture:

living rm - ferguson


color scheme I’m playing with (we have a camel colored couch & love seat — which I will be glad to see again; it has been in storage!)


We’ll have to go slow in adding pieces (pillows, prints, maybe a new area rug, which is what the biggest picture represents) – but this is on my “wish-and-dream list”.

My simple pleasure:::
Quiet mornings … silence … a cup of coffee … and a good book (or some fun blogs to read!)

Homemaking tips:::
MASTER LISTS.  I have several – for example, my Christmas card list which I (try to) update yearly.  Commonly used menus (this is a new concept for me).  And now I’m thinking of developing a MOVING LIST or just a CONTACTS list with the names and phone numbers of all our services (electric, water, trash, insurance, financial institutions), magazines, and other contacts that we’d need to notify with a change of address or just call for questions/updates.
Looking around the house:::
Things are good here … mostly cleaned up since I made time to pick up before bed.  Girls are STILL sleeping … bliss.  🙂
From the camera:::

We spent last week in Eastern/Gulf side, Texas … on a lake about 45 miles northeast of Houston.  It was so relaxing!!


Prayer List:::
Thinking of my dear, sweet Aunt Louise today (my dad’s only sibling).  She is going to the oncologist to get her treatment plan and prognosis after being diagnosed with brain cancer last week.

Bible verse, Devotional:::



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8 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday – 6/30/14

  1. Rebekah says:

    I made your salsa tonight and as I was throwing it all in the bowl (such pretty colors), I thought it would make a great picnic food. By the way, it’s delicious! 🙂

    Love the yellow in the cute little house. Our entire FL condo is yellow. It’s so bright and cheerful and clean looking. Love the prints you’ve picked out too, the one on the left is my favorite.

    I’ll be praying for your Aunt Louise. I had an Aunt (my dad’s only sister) go through that in 2011. It wasn’t an easy time. 😦

  2. Carol Bancroft says:

    Oh, that house is adorable! I love the front porch. And too funny about Full House. My kids saw it on TV when we were on vacation and we also had to get all the seasons through the library!

  3. Rebecca D says:

    First of all, I miss Aldi so much… So quick, easy & oh my goodness the savings!!

    I really love the Doc Martin series… In fact I find myself watching quite a bit of British TV these days!

    I love the color scheme and I just know you will pull it all together nicely!! Still praying!!

  4. Christy visiting from Sandra's blog says:

    Hi, visiting from Sandra’s blog! As a fellow introvert, I understand those coveted quiet mornings. Hoping you get that darling house, and I love your decorating choices too. Best wishes.

  5. Felicia says:

    I can see why your hopes are up, what a cute little house! The color scheme is darling. Praying you get great news this week.

    My dad introduced me to Doc Marten some time last year I think and oh my how I love that man’s antics.

    Congrats on menu planning! It sounds great.

  6. Tanya says:

    We are such kindred spirits! Always and forever……… ;o)

    My TV list would be the same. Tim and I also discovered “Doc Marten” recently, and I am on a waiting list at the library for season one of “Call the Midwife” (also only caught occasional episodes). I heard about “Larkrise to Candleford” but have not been able to see that yet. Cracks me up because my kids also were watching “Full House.”

    Anyhow, I like your color scheme and will be praying for you about the house. I need to plan a menu, too, and was thinking it through earlier today. Yours sounds delicious! Cheeseburger salad sounds very intriguing.
    Love and miss you!

  7. melanie says:

    And guess what I have been working on this morning?! a menu plan 😉 YAY! for both of us! I thought it prudent to decide what’s for supper before I go grocery shopping for a change. ha ha. Then I saw today’s weather warnings and might just wait until tomorrow for groceries. 😮

    Excited and hopeful with you about the cute house!!!

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