“Quiet” Independence Day




The older I get, the more my heart and body just longs to stay at home … not have to fight the crowds and not have to delve into my introvert brain to make polite conversation with strangers.  Yesterday we had several invites to go to our church’s annual 4th of July picnic/fellowship thing – the one “they’ve been doing for years and years” – and be with people who have all known each other for years and years.   While part of us knew we “should” go, the other part of us won out – and we stayed HOME.  It was a good choice.




Our neighbors all around us apparently spent a ga-billion dollars on fireworks (I was reeling from spending $8 for just 10 sparklers for the girls!!) and thankfully, we enjoyed a free show right from our front porch!


Am I sounding like an old curmudgeon yet?!?!  😉

I really don’t hate people … but I miss my old, tried-and-true friends and my family who lives so far away.  Making new friends at my age just isn’t easy any more …



That isn’t to say we didn’t have an enjoyable 4th of July!  In fact, we did … I cooked up a yummy meal, and got our $8 worth out of the sparklers we lit up at dark.  There is joy in the simple and quiet things …

good and plentiful food.

comfortable conversations with those who know you best.

good health.

freedoms appreciated.

being thankful.


And I even reflected just a little on what true freedom in America is …

Given the recent VICTORY for Hobby Lobby (if you’ve been following their story in the news), I was reminded that we still have FREEDOM OF RELIGION … which is something other countries and Christians don’t have (have you followed the story of Meriam Ibriham in Sudan).  And freedom of speech – and all those many, many things we daily take for granted.

While all our forefathers weren’t – I believe – “born-again” Christians (though I think some were), this country was founded on biblical principles that are currently being tested … but they are still there at this time.




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