HHM – 7/7/2014

6617550523_f23efa4053It is my favorite day of the week again:  Monday!


We had a nice, quiet holiday weekend … and I’m ready to start this new week.  To gather my thoughts, I am joining Sandra for HHM:

As I look outside my window:::

It looks like a beautiful day … I have already been out as I had to take Annie-Belle to help at our church’s Vacation Bible School this morning.  Right now it is 77° … with the high predicted to be 92° today!

Right now I am:::

Just enjoying the quiet.  Drew and MiMi are still sleeping.  I will have to get them up shortly as Drew needs to get a second TB test for his volunteer job at the VA hospital.

Thinking and pondering:::

This summer has already gone by way too fast!  Already my mom was here for a visit – then we went to Texas for vacation – we found a new house!! – and soon we’ll be moving.  Drew is taking driving lessons, and Annie-Belle is helping with VBS this week.  The kids will be going to church camp in 2 weeks … and then we’ll be moving towards going back to school on August 12 (way too early for my liking!!).

On my bedside table:::

My Bible – I’m in I Corinthians in my “read thru the Bible” time.  I’m also reading an interesting kind of true-story-made-fiction book called The Lost German Slave Girl by John Bailey.  It is the horrific tale of immigrants, particularly German ones, coming to New Orleans in the mid-1800s … and being sold as slaves by the ship masters to pay for their passage to America.

On my tv this week:::

Not much of anything except WORLD CUP SOCCER – the Germans are still in it and play the home team, Brazil tomorrow!

Listening to:::

the cat … she sure is noisy these days!  Just licking/cleaning herself involves grunting and weird squeaking noise – probably because she is old and fat.

On the menu for this week:::

*Sigh*  I don’t have one … yet.

On my to do list:::

Call utilities and other places that need our CHANGE OF ADDRESS information.

Shuttle kids to activities:  VBS, driving lessons, basketball conditioning for Drew, and miscellaneous other errands.

Happening this week:::

As already mentioned VBS … driving lessons …

getting ready for NEXT WEEK when we’ll get the keys to our NEW HOUSE!!

What I am creating:::

lists.  Always lists.

My simple pleasure:::

Sitting in the sunshine, reading a book or dozing.  I think this is the first summer in a while that I’ve actually had a TAN again.

Homemaking tips:::

?!?!  Any one have any tips on getting silly putty out of a carpet ?!?!

Looking around the house:::

Overall clean … but there are some areas on the rugs and carpets that I need to shampoo in hopes of getting our deposit on this rental back!!  Also want to clean up window sills and blinds.

From the camera:::

one year ago, we moved into our side of this duplex:  even though it has been an adequate home, I can’t wait to move out.  Nothing reinforced that more than when we came home from Texas the end of June, after being gone a week.  Our neighbors smoke, but they aren’t supposed to smoke in the house.  Well, based on the smell that comes through our vents, we know they have … and we’ve told our property manager and things got better – for a while.  Well, our neighbors must not have been expecting us to come home when we did because the smell of smoke practically bowled us over when we came back from vacation and opened up the front door!

20130812_171454.jpg 20130812_171308_thumb.jpg

Prayer List:::

2 friends are undergoing chemo treatment today … one is heading towards the last of her treatments and the other is my friend who has already had so many cancers and tumors and now is fighting leukemia cells in her body again.

My aunt – who was feared to have brain cancer – does NOT have cancer after all – praise the Lord – however, she does have a tumor/mass on her brain and other health issues they must decide how to treat.

Bible verse, Devotional:::





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3 Responses to HHM – 7/7/2014

  1. diarysahm says:

    TB tests……everytime I get one done, mine show up positive because of the BCG shot I had in Portugal when I was a child. Good luck to Drew!

    Germany vs Brazil should be a really good game to watch 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful week, I know you’re excited to get the keys to your new house, I remember that feeling so well 🙂

  2. Sarah H says:

    Visiting from Sandra’s 🙂

    Hope you get everything you need to do done for your move. It must be awful to have that smoke smell in your house. Our neighbour’s son smokes and when he visits he stands in the garden smoking, that is bad enough!

    My cat makes a racket when she’s washing herself too, lots of grunts. 🙂

    Have a lovely week.

  3. melanie says:

    A *second* TB test? isn’t that unusual?
    Germany vs. Brasil — It must be time to pay attention to the games! 😉 Do you know which city they will be playing in?
    Silly putty. Oh dear! Have you tried googling your question?

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