Countdown to the Big Move

7 more days until I hold the keys to our new house!!  Well, if you don’t count today, it’s only 6 more days.  At first that sounded like a long time – but then it hit me – I’ve got STUFF TO DO!!  I called the utility companies today and talked to our insurance and bank to get change of address stuff going!  Seeing our NEW address on our car insurance cards seems to make it more official.

In between shuttling my kids to VBS and driving lessons and other appointments the last 2 days, I’ve had some free time in between where it wasn’t prudent to go home in between pick ups and drop offs.  SO I did some wandering and browsing in nearby stores.

I’m decorating my “new” house in my mind … and I’m finding a few things that I love:



This area rug … it is a quite a ways off from my “traditional” oriental-type looking rug that we currently have … and I love it!!


The color scheme is still fairly the same so it could match our furniture while updating our look … It is going to be a while before we can afford updates and accessories, but until then I’m dreaming:


AND THEN – this surprise arrived at my front door today!   It is from a bloggy friend who is a team leader for a Christian home decor company called Mary & Martha.   I can’t wait to show you what I got!!  These items should work out perfectly on my NEW MANTLE!  Sorry, you have to wait a week or so until I can show you!!



Meanwhile, my head is constantly planning; I’ve got lists of my lists of to-dos; I’ve made out my to-scale floor plan of our new house in order to work on furniture placement.  Meanwhile, until we have those keys, we are kind of stagnant.

And now that I know we’re moving, my little duplex’s walls seem to be closing in on me!  Today my husband was all spread out on our couch with his books all around him … and there was NO WHERE for me to sit in our living room … I can’t wait until we can get our love seat out of storage and have comfy seating for everyone again!!

I have been ok with this little house (which I keep repeating to myself in order to remember that I really am!!) … and I’ve given the “tour” of how we down-sized into it to our satisfaction … the entry/kitchen –  the living room – Drew’s room – the girls’ room  … and now just for the sake of memories:

my room (well, OUR room – my husband and mine) at the back of our little duplex.

It’s a quirky little room … and I am so excited to get a bigger master bedroom/suite again soon!!

The door to the backyard/back patio is in OUR ROOM … Weird, huh?!

Oh, and the cat box is in our room … that’s been lovely (not).  But there truly was no other place to put it (the bathrooms are too small – there is no laundry/utility room – the cat couldn’t just freely get into the garage).  I will be SO happy to NOT have that in our room after a year of sleeping in the cat’s bathroom!



Our room kind of has wall-to-wall furniture … and I’ve bumped into that dresser by the door so many times now that I’ve probably got a permanent scar!


Thankfully, we had a fairly big walk-in closet … but it sure made for a wall of doors and windows that we couldn’t use:




And often, when baseball (or sports) or the big kids’ shows are on in the living room, this little person takes over my bed!



While I won’t miss this house at all … nor the smoke we inhale from our neighbors or the steepest, most useless driveway you’ve ever seen … I want to always remember this past year – that we lived here, in close quarters, minus a lot of our STUFF – and we survived.  In fact, we did just fine.  Memories were made and life went on.

But I won’t lie … I’m so very very thankful and excited to be MOVING ON – soon!


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3 Responses to Countdown to the Big Move

  1. Rebecca D. says:

    Hahaha… We have had homes like that too and they defiantly make us more grateful for the blessing of not living like that. Not that I was not grateful for the small apartment but it was ever so nice to put that chapter behind us!!

  2. Tanya says:

    ^^^ I like the quote about the cat’s bathroom, too!!! ROFL!! Been there, done that, and spent nights wishing she didn’t have to have a bowel movement while I was in bed!!

    I completely understand — year and a half in close quarters here (as you well know)! Just the other day I was remembering and feeling ever so thankful for our completed house.
    I really like the rug you picked out! Feeling excited for you. :o)

  3. melanie says:

    “a year of sleeping in the cat’s bathroom” – Now there’s a memory for the Christmas letter! ha ha ha {j/k} ;D
    But a package from Mary & Martha DOES sound like a fun surprise!!! Happy new house-warming!

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