Y is for Yellowstone (and National Parks & Monuments)



Back in our Army days, when we were given a new duty assignment, we usually used the time during the move to travel and visit family and take some vacation days (leave).  In June of 1995, we left Ft. Lewis in Washington state and used the opportunity to drive to our new assignment in San Antonio, Texas.  Since we had lived near Mt. Rainier National Park, we already had our “Eagle Pass” to visit national parks – and we took full advantage of it on this trip!

While I said Y is for Yellowstone, that’s just my lead in for the national parks sites that we visited, starting with the first one:  Glacier Park in Northern Montana.  Lucky for us, Daniel’s sister’s family lives near by, and we were able to visit them as well.




After leaving Montana, we made our way through Idaho into Wyoming and to Yellowstone. What amazing, majestic scenery!!   (and I’m not just talking about my Light-Infantry-trained husband in the picture below!!)


Of course, we waited around for Old Faithful to blow!


We also made a stop by the Grand Tetons nearby:



Not pictured is the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which was kind of out of our way – and I got a speeding ticket on the way there … the Devil’s Tower is a national monument, but also part of the US National Park Service).

From Wyoming, we crossed over into South Dakota to visit the Black Hills region.



Of course, when in the Black Hills, one can’t neglect Mt. Rushmore, also a national monument site.  And I also got a little Black Hills gold ring!


South Dakota is also known for its Bad Lands … an arid, hot (in June) region which is beautiful in its own barren way.  Our joke is that is really was BAD lands for us because the Air Conditioning in our old Pontiac had gone out …



The rest of the a/c story is when we finally got to Iowa to visit Dan’s family, a second cousin of his opened the hood of the car to take a look, and he picked up 2 little wires, connected them, and the a/c was immediately fixed!!  Who knew we could have done that many, many miles ago and spared ourselves some suffering.  (This is when it was confirmed to me that my husband is not mechanically inclined!!)



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3 Responses to Y is for Yellowstone (and National Parks & Monuments)

  1. melanie says:

    Yes! Yowsa!
    What a couple of Youngsters! Glad You didn’t have to do much Yomping.
    I think You’ve given me a Yen to Yeed somewhere…

    YOU can see this website for some more lovely Y words and their meanings –> http://phrontistery.info/y.html

    Better? 😀

  2. melanie says:

    Smiling about the a/c story — glad for you that your Dan is still a keeper with his own strengths!

    And, it occurs to me, what a fun photo book this series would be for you! Now that you’ve done the work to find the photos and narrate the story 🙂

  3. Tanya says:

    I like all of the pictures! Memories……….. :o) We were just babes once, right?? I still like I am that age, but I see that I am NOT when I look in the mirror. Miss you!

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