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TOMORROW – Sunday – 2:30 p.m.

We will have our walk-through with our new house’s owners in order to learn how to work the fireplace (wood burning), change furnace filters, find out about its quirks, where light switches and electric and cable outlets are, and note any flaws or wear-and-tear already in the house before we officially move in.

I am HOPING they will just give us the keys since the house is empty anyway, and I’ve already set up to take over the utilities as of Monday even though Tuesday is officially the date our lease begins …

In the stagnancy of waiting to get started moving, I’ve been virtually decorating the house!  The living room walls are a light-ish yellow color, which is a change from my usual beige walls that I’m used to – but I want to go LIGHTER with all my decor and so the yellow fits (as long as it fits with my furniture).   BELOW PICTURE:  living room with owner’s furniture:  (by the way, I love love love the floors – they are GORGEOUS in real life!!!!  I’ve never had wood – or maybe they are laminate? – floors!!!)

living rm - ferguson

Sadly, there is that tricky thing called a budget that will make decorating this house take a while … but piece-by-piece I hope to make it OUR HOME (at least for a few years).

Right now Kohl’s is having a great sale for card holders:  30% off everything with the code BEACH30 and free shipping with code JULYMVC … plus throw pillows are on sale (well, some of them).

Here’s some of my inspiration courtesy of Pinterest and Picmonkey:


I’m tempted to paint our hutch sort of like the above one:  we no longer have the dining set that matches the hutch anyway.  The above is pretty much what our couch (and love seat) look like now.  The pillow is on sale at Kohl’s, and I already ordered 4 and a rectangle “bolster” pillow for the middle of the couch.  (I can always take them back if I hate them in real life).

NOW – I want to mix it up on my couch – but I have no idea if the camel-colored couch will work with the color scheme … I guess I’ll see it soon enough in real life … but until then I’m playing with these pillows (I need enough for the couch and love seat):

PicMonkey Collage

I stink at this whole “pattern matching” concept of modern decorating and am thinking of just getting the pillow already ordered and then add a few solid colored pillows in between (I really like the “cilantro green” and the “rio red” above with the pillow I picked out).  Do either of the patterned pillows (the lattice-y one or the striped one) match too??

Any input and opinions are appreciated.


Decorator-ly Challenged Female

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4 Responses to Opinions, Ideas, Plans, Suggestions

  1. Content says:

    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something which helped me. Appreciate it!

  2. melanie says:

    Ditto on the stripe and solid pillows with the paisley! 😀 And I really like the hutch in red!

    I usually know what I like when I see it, but putting it together is a challenge for me too. And the getting it done… {{four years here and the girls are the only ones who have ‘permanent’ curtains they like. the rest of the windows are still in ‘temporary’ mode :p Someday. Maybe.}}

    Remember the Nester’s mantra of ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’ …and enjoy the room’s lovely attitude with those cheery walls, inviting fireplace, and your lovely new pillows that will say, LOOK at ME! 😉

    Oh, and for your floors, I highly recommend you save a stash of cash for a Norwex dry/wet mop system.

  3. Angie says:

    Btw, love all the solids too.

  4. Angie says:

    Just got up to take pain meds after our move-in today and checked my email. Why do we do such things? I’ve taught a home design class for the past several years (meaning I’ve studied the stuff, not accounting for taste) and I LO VE the striped one with the paisley-super cute. I think you need a couple of those. Now I need to find the nearest Kohls.
    That’s my weigh-in.

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