Happy Homemaker – 7/14/2014

Happy Homemaker Monday Vintage


I’m starting today with this saucy little Homemaker picture (new from Sandra) … because this is exactly what I look like when I clean my bathtub (just kidding … I don’t clean my bathtub).  😉

DISCLAIMER:  Actually, I DO clean my bathtubs … occasionally.  That was a bad joke.

Silliness aside, here are Sandra’s new HHM questions answered by little ol’ me.

(Excuse the giddiness … I’m in possession of THE KEYS to our new house – even though the lease doesn’t start until tomorrow, but since the house is empty and I’m starting to pay the utilities today, the owners gave me the keys yesterday)

Breakfast time, what is on the plate this morning::::

I’m not a morning person – and for the most part, my breakfast consists of coffee and a poptart (or if I’m feeling healthy, a low-fat fruit bar).  Today I slept in and am actually having cereal since it is later in the morning.

On today’s to do list::::

I desperately need a shower … then hopefully I’ll be ready to take the seats out of the back of my van and take a few loads of STUFF over the new house!

I want to prep dinner ahead  … and then tonight at 7 p.m. we have our weekly Bible study with a man from our church.

Currently reading::::

NOTHING except I Corinthians … I have actually been so tired at nights that I am not reading before bed.

On the TV today::::

NOTHING.  We probably watch more DVDs than TV, but we’ve literally had 3 DVD players die last week:  the one that is built in to our living room TV (which is 10+ years old), our portable DVD (which we use when we travel or at home occasionally too), and my son’s DVD that he’d used mostly for his homeschool DVDs back in the day.  😦

The weather outside is::::

Nice … but it is supposed to be HOT HOT HOT today.  It will be until Wednesday’s rain and cooling down.

On the menu this week::::

Simple meals … no plan yet … but I really should get something together so we don’t end up grabbing to-go food while moving and going back & forth to the new house.

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::

get on the internet, probably … 😉   Just bein’ honest!  I also need to work on my pharmacy tech course:  I’m on lesson 25 out of 28!

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::

Last week I made this amazing cream cheese blueberry pie.  Twice.


In the garden::::

I don’t have one … but at the new house, I will have FLOWERS!!  And a hydrangea bush that is something that will console me for losing my lilac bush when I left Missouri.


It also sounds like I will need to cultivate my yard because it has fescue grass, that needs a lot of water to stay green (there goes the water bill).

Favorite photo from the camera::::


A lady at our previous church – who was extremely kind to our children for many years and taught Annie-Belle’s Sunday School class for a long time – is taking her LAST chemo treatment for ovarian cancer TODAY!!  Her daughter asked that friends and prayer warriors wear teal today in honor of this (teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness).


Homemaking tip::::

Start at one side and work your way around … or start at the front and work your way back (or vice versa).  It seems logical but I have watched many a spastic housekeeper work, and it makes me crazy!!  😉

Visiting with blog friends (blog you want to share, blog post that caught your eye)::::

Long-time friends of ours are missionaries in one of those -stan countries in Asia (he has to be very discreet about his whereabouts so no sharing too much info on the internet).  HOWEVER, he does have a blog that I enjoy reading.  Sojourner in Asia.  

Praying for::::

My friend who is undergoing her FINAL ovarian cancer treatment!

Another friend who has undergone so many forms of cancer plus leukemias recently … her husband is coming home early from his deployment (he’s in the Air Force).  She was told if she didn’t do this current chemo/treatment that she would not live.

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating me with at the moment::::



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4 Responses to Happy Homemaker – 7/14/2014

  1. Sarah H says:

    Congratulations on your new home! How exciting! Hope the move goes well. x

    The blueberry cream cheese pie looks delicious. Yummy!

  2. Felicia says:

    Moving into a new home is so exciting and hydrgena bushes are so pretty! We had to transplant ours this year and it didn’t bloom like it should have. I can’t wait to see my flowers again.

    Congratulations to your friend that is going through her last round treatment. I know that’s a huge milestone.

    Good luck on the move this week and have fun!

  3. diarysahm says:

    So exciting to move into a new house, I know it’s work, but it’s still fun and exciting 🙂 I hear you on the water bill, my grass is killing me at this new house, I feel like I water and it is never green, it’s irritating. UGH!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and your move goes smoothly.

  4. Ruth says:

    YIPPEE… rejoicing with you on your new home.
    The girls found a place closeby. I’m over-the-moon happy for them. It’s a condo and they took the dog… Joanna’s big boxer. The 4 of them are happy and planted for at least a year (lease).
    Have a happy, happy day.
    Our blueberries are coming ripe. I’ve picked a few handfuls for munching, but there are lots, so I might try the cheese cake with berry topping. Looks yummy!

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