Sneak Peek at the Progress

We’ve been in our new house since last Friday night!  We  still have to pick up the last big items on Saturday when we can have some extra muscle to help with the heaviest of our furniture … but I am enjoying living here with what we have!!

PicMonkey Collage

Remember my pillow inspirations (above)?  My pillows have been coming in this week.  The mail lady must think we’re going to get a package from Kohl’s every day because that’s how it has been as things have come in incrementally … to include 2 pillows for our porch swing, that I got practically “for free” using my earned Kohl’s cash!!

By the way, I ordered the stripey pillows – but they did not match at all (although I agree, they look like they SHOULD in the above pic) – they have already been returned to Kohl’s.

The lighting isn’t the best or quite true to color – but I think I like the “cilantro” green pillow with my new, brighter pillows:  (it matches better than this looks)



As an added bonus, I got this foot-rest “pouf” for about $12 on-line (just saw them in store at Kohl’s for $24!):




And I’ve decided our current rug matches everything just fine … I shampoo’d it and it is working for me.  No new rug needed!






So, this big empty room is filling up quite nicely, I think:



I will get to work on decorating the mantle once all our furniture is here (we are missing our TV armoire in the living room yet) … but here is the first glimpse of my gift from Rebecca (my Mary and Martha consultant friend – such lovely faith-based decor!!):

the “Blessed by the Grace of God” wrought-iron wall decor and 2 pillar candles with wonderful Bible verses on them:



Small details are coming together too:  the former home owner left her gray Greek-key motiv shower curtains (2) here … and I am using them to hide my laundry room which has no door (while I am thankful for a laundry ROOM, it is only about 5 1/2′ x 8′)



There’s a lot more going on too … but I’ll save that for another day.

Meanwhile, the big kids are at camp with our church, and it is very calm around here with just one child!

(BELOW:  that’s Annie-Belle and Drew – at the left table, last person – participating in a Bible Quiz Team)




MiMi and I are just kind of puttering around … we’ve been at the “old house” a few times to work on cleaning things up.  By the way, for the record:  Goo-Gone does dissolve silly putty in carpets!

That’s the update for now … time to GET BUSY today!



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6 Responses to Sneak Peek at the Progress

  1. Rebecca D says:

    Everything is looking so nice! Thanks for the shout out… I’m glad you like everything!
    Good news (I hope), I just found out our Leadership conference in January will be in your neck of the woods… In fact I will fly into your town! When it gets closer we can make plans to get together! (If you want to that is!!)

  2. Tanya says:

    Everything is looking great! So excited for you!! Keep sharing pictures. LOL — silly putty out of carpet, who knew??

  3. melanie says:

    Oh, I LIKE the shower curtains for doorway covering… hmmmm. Might be the perfect thing for our ‘coat room’ that we really don’t want to put a door on. The laundry room will have a pocket door… someday. 🙂
    Sorry about the striped pillow fail, but it was worth a try! It’s all LOOKIN’ GOOD there!

  4. diarysahm says:

    Love how your house is coming along…and especially love your fireplace 🙂

  5. babstig says:

    Who ho! Now we can come crash your house and visit! 🙂

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Angie says:

    Bummer the striped pillow didn’t work. I love what you have on your couches now! Nice!

    How you moved and settled so quickly, whew, I could sure use you here. We’ve gotten a lot done, but still have a lot to go.

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