Happy Homemaker – 8/11/2014

6617550523_f23efa4053It’s a “melan-conny” Monday … I am so sad that my big kids go back to school TOMORROW!!  I know we probably did a lot more fun things than just MOVE for 3 weeks … but somehow I feel like we need another week or two of summer vacation!

Perhaps joining Sandra for HHM today will help cheer me up!

Breakfast time, what is on the plate this morning::::

Coffee and a poptart (no big surprise there!!)

On today’s to do list::::

make some phone calls I’ve been avoiding just because I hate talking on the phone (business stuff)

laundry (as usual)

make sure everyone has everything for school:  one request the school had was a $5 gift card from an office supply store … I am just wondering why I can’t just give them a $5 bill instead of having to drive to the office store to get a gift card?!!?!

we have been invited to “swim” at a nearby river with a friend later today.

Currently reading::::

I don’t like the book I am currently reading (picked up randomly at the library) – but I just finished Mrs. Poe that was kind of fascinating.



The setting is 1845 New York in the world of the writers, authors, and publishers of the time … focusing on the story of Edgar Allan Poe and his wife (his cousin, whom he’d married when he was 23 and she was 13!) and their mutual obsession with the children’s book author/poet Frances Osgood, who had recently been abandoned by her portrait-painter husband.  It is a work of fiction based on real people and the rumors about them.

On the TV today::::

PBS shows:  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and such like

The weather outside is::::

nice!!  currently 75° with a high of 83° forecasted

On the menu this week::::

I did so well last week!!  Meals planned EVERY DAY (except Friday) … to include church potluck on Sunday (chicken-cheese-broccoli-rice casserole).  So far, this week, I’m uninspired.  😦

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::

just sit.

In the garden::::

I don’t really have a garden … but my herbs are doing well (I think):  basil, cilantro, dill, and parsley.





Favorite photo from the camera::::

my mantle:  I love it!  🙂


Visiting with blog friends (blog you want to share, blog post that caught your eye)::::

My real life friend (and former student of ours), Grace has a blog:  she is a young adult, single, working as an RN at a military hospital in DC, enjoys traveling, and is just an all around interesting person!  I’m thankful to see a girl we watched grow up throughout high school and then graduate go on to become a Christian young lady who is real and enjoying the life God has led her to.

Praying for::::

my friend Jen is undergoing a trial chemo treatment, her 2nd treatment is tomorrow.  She had a good weekend, thankfully, but is really nervous about tomorrow (because she felt horrible for many days after her last treatment).

friends from church are headed to Ecuador today!!  They are missionaries, ready to start a new work there (previously they’d been in Mexico and Panama – and he even traveled into Cuba).

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating me with at the moment::::




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6 Responses to Happy Homemaker – 8/11/2014

  1. Rebecca D says:

    I too would just give the $5 in cash if I didn’t have a need to go to that store… Why use $5 in gas to get a $5 gift card?? Craziness…
    We have to leave on the road trip to take Allie to college later this week… How am I going to survive without her? I am happy for her but part of me doesn’t want to let her go. I too vote for a couple extra weeks of summer!!!

  2. diarysahm says:

    I am at a loss why the school would require the gift card and not just accept a $5 bill? Very strange.

    Good for you on keeping up with the menu, it really does help. And your herbs are doing so well, definitely thriving.

    Have a wonderful week Conny 🙂

  3. Felicia says:

    My girls go back on Thursday and while I’ll miss them being home it’s time. They are growing bored despite the never being home this summer. I’m going to be a nervous wreck until the first month is over though with one entering into middle school. I’m just not ready for this lol.

    I really don’t understand why you can’t do cash either unless it’s to discourage it getting lost and etc. We’d like to think no one would pocket $5 but these days I guess you can’t be to careful.

    Have a great week.

  4. Tamy says:

    Good morning – visiting via Happy Homemaker Monday. Sounds like you’ve been busy, busy busy. It does sound odd to me also, but maybe the stores are offering them a larger amount for exchanging the cards for the school purpose. Have a great week.

  5. jehdld says:

    My boys go back to school tomorrow as well. Summer seems to get shorter each year! What an unusual request with the office supply store gift cards. Maybe they think it would be safer for the kids to carry than cash? Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. melanie says:

    I vote you put a $5 bill in an envelope with the store name on it! 😉 Maybe they are trying for accountablility/no cash to handle, but efficiency wins with me.

    Remind me to talk to you about RNs working for military hospitals… {young friend will graduate in a year}

    I would like to curl up with a book and ignore my non-written List for the day {sigh} — But this WILL be a fun/good week, if it kills us 😉 Pressing on…

    EnJOY your day!

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